What is the possibility that within the same territory there are several records such as the ‘tallest man’ or ‘the shortest man’? Well, in fact, that is what happens in Colombia.

To these two mentioned are added that of the ‘strongest man’, but not in the world, but in the country. We tell you who they are.

Asdrúbal Herrera Mora, the tallest man in Colombia

This 37-year-old man has not stopped growing and today he holds the Guinness record as the tallest man in Colombia. Such is his popularity that he gathers thousands of followers on Instagram and has been invited to television programs such as ‘Yo, José Gabriel’, but his life has not been exactly easy.

In fact, his very condition has triggered several problems. While at school he had to be absent from classes to attend multiple medical exams, he was also a victim of bullying and his mobility is complicated, since a common means of transportation such as the bus is uncomfortable for him.

On the other hand, her sister is in charge of making each of her clothes, since the ones sold in stores are not her size.

Edward Nino, the shortest man on Earth

This 35-year-old from Bogotá is only 72.10 cm tall, the height that a baby between 10 and 12 months would haves. For this reason he was declared by the Guinness World Records organization as the world’s smallest living man with mobility.

Edward lives in his hometown, more precisely in the town of Bosa, with his family -he is the eldest of four siblings-. “I am blessed among men,” his mother, Mrs. Nohemí, told EL TIEMPO.

In fact, she remembers that since her son was born he was smaller, measuring only 38 cm, so the doctors were interested in her case, but after many trips to the doctor she got tired: “I told him: ‘Doctor, if there is a solution for him, tell me, but if they are studying him like a guinea pig, I am not going to allow it anymore.’ I thought that if God gave it to me like that, God would work on him.”

Throughout his life, Edward, like Hasdrubal, has experienced difficulties. He was only able to study up to seventh grade and has suffered from nearsightedness, cataracts, pain in his knees and legs, stones and must take Thyroxine for life.

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Emanuel Mendoza, the strongest in Colombia

Emanuel Mendoza is already going for his fourth title of the strongest man in Colombia, which has led him to be recognized in competitions in other countries as well, in fact in the middle of the year will travel to Portugal to participate in the Strongman Champions League.

However, he highlights that the support he receives is not much: “It is up to one as an athlete to carry the sport through his own resources, so I invite interested companies that want to support the sport as I have done today with my own sacrifice and carrying the Colombian flag, not only being a national champion, but also a South American and Latin American one,” according to the telemedellin.

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