The former producer Marcelo Corazza at the moment is prosecuted for corruption of minors. Although he is free, the prosecutor Patrick Lugones He appealed the release since new information arrived at the judicial officer’s office that could change the outlook.

It happens that the expertise appeared on the ex’s cell phone Big Brother and, based on the material found, formally requested that the investigation be expanded.

As detailed by the journalist German “Pampa” Monacoon said mobile phone Evidence was found that further compromises the defendant. These are talks that he had with two young people who are of legal age today, but the prosecutor believes that this is quite old. Therefore, they want to know the exact date of the exchange of messages.

Marcelo Corazza again engaged.  Photo file.
Marcelo Corazza again engaged. Photo file.

What is the tenor of the messages found on Marcelo Corazza’s cell phone

In one of the conversations they talked about the exchange of videos and photos in exchange for moneyand even Marcelo Corazza told him how he had to pose. In addition, there are the receipts and it is known that the transfers were made through the Mercado Pago application.

This way, these conversations could compromise the former producer of Big Brother facing the accusations that subsequently led to his arrest on March 20, 2023.

Marcelo Corazza case: the judicial setback that could make the former Big Brother return to prison

Weeks ago, Judge Javier Sánchez Sarmiento rejected the prescription requests in the case for “abuse and corruption of minors” against the former winner of Big Brother and producer of Telefe, Marcelo Corazza, who could now go back to prison. Such is the request of the prosecutor case, Patrick Lugones.

The news was confirmed in THE M (Latin America) by journalist brito angelwho indicated: “He is accused of corruption of minors. The judge did not give rise to the requests for prescription and annulment presented by the defense”.

To the driver’s scoop, the information provided by the police journalist was added Mauro Szetawhich also indicated that the judge rejected the prescription of the case due to the passage of time, as requested by the lawyers of breastplate.

“A court ruling complicates Marcelo Corazza. For the judge ‘there is no prescription’. The winner of GH is free but there is a request from the prosecutor to return to prison,” he added szeta.

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