The love story of oscar martinez and Marina Borensztein It began on August 19, 2006 and despite the fact that it began with several scandals, it later established itself in a prosperous relationship. At that time, Marina was still in a relationship with Alejandro Awadawho in turn was a close friend of Martínez and works with him in the play “Days Numbered”.

Both decided to get married five years later, in August 2011, at the Algodón Mansión hotel. The actress and writer decided to organize her wedding alone and was in every detail of the organization. “It was an absolute pleasure, getting married at 44 made me fully enjoy the whole process,” she said in an interview for La Nación.

On the big night, her friend Ana Maria Bovo accompanied them as a narrator and told how the love story of the couple began: “It was in the square that bears the name of Tato Bores, in the Tres de Febrero park. There, in front of the drunken stick that they planted in honor of the capocomico, Oscar and Marina met by chance. The actor had gone for a run and the actress had gone for a walk. Since then they began exchanging emails and finally started dating. A year later, they moved in together and now, five years later, marriage came.”

As he explained, one night he prayed to his father to ask him to “be happy and have a family.” “I didn’t have the partner I wanted. I had separated two years ago and I was alone. I prayed, went to sleep, and that night I dreamed that I was with Oscar and my daughter. (Malena, from a previous marriage) on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. We were so happy. That morning I woke up happy. I already knew him,” Marina said.

Marina Borenstein’s wish that came true

Her greatest wish is to be happy and start a family and it came true that same day, because she herself acted to make it so. “Back then, I lived in front of the Rosedal and I went out into the street determined to find him (to Oscar Martínez). I walked around a couple of times and couldn’t find it. There something led me to a tree that was planted in 1996 in honor of my father on Figueroa Alcorta avenue. It was the first time I had walked towards the tree while repeating to myself: ‘Dad, I want to meet Oscar Martínez’. I got to the tree, thanked him for everything and kept walking towards La Pampa. I turned around and, 150 meters away, Oscar appears walking. I almost told him ‘marry me tomorrow’. She didn’t realize what was happening to me because I appealed to my best actress. it was never a fluke“, he recalled.

Instead of proposing to her, as crossed her mind, Marina invited Martínez to visit the tree in honor of Tato. And, when they were saying goodbye, he took the next step: “Immediately he called me, like a movie, I turned around and threw the phone at me”.

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