The driver Mariana Fabbiani (46) and the businessman Mariano Chihade (45) have been together since 2006. When they started seeing each other, mariana she had been divorced for a year Gaston Portalwith whom she was married from 2003 to 2005 and started GP Producciones. With Chihade they met in america, when she hosted the show RSM, Media Summary and he worked as a manager.

“Summons me to do RSM, but at that time we did not start dating. I also thought: how cute it is! But hey, there was a distance because we worked together,” the journalist began, continuing, “Mariano later left his post in America and, a year later, he summoned me for a radio project that in reality… was a terrible lie. We were talking for two hours, and there it was all in evidence.”

Mariana Fabbiani and Mariano Chihade. Photo social networks

After the separation of mariana of America, Chihade and Fabbiani founded Mandarina, a company that produced, among other things, the cycles Mamushka, The Angels of the Morning and Confronted. At that moment their romance began: “It was difficult because he has a very low profile. He did not like that I was famous and we took great care of the paparazzi,” explained Mariana.

Later, he said that everything became known when a photographer surprised them leaving behind a tree, the day they were visiting the mother of Chihade “We spent six months without going anywhere. It was like: Come on, that’s crazy, let’s face reality! I suffered from it!” The driver admitted with a laugh.

Mariana Fabbiani and Mariano Chihade. Photo file.

In 2010 the couple had their first daughter, Matildaand in 2014 to his youngest son, Maximum. “They are the light of her eyes,” the host defines her husband’s relationship with her daughters. As for her, Fabbiani said that when she returned to television in America, “they will accompany me in this new stage, since we enjoy spending time together.”

Marry Mariano? “It was never a necessity for us. We immediately joined as a couple, everything flowed very naturally, we never needed to organize ourselves at any level, or sign something. We have a lot of confidence in each other, so there was never that need,” he said to close.

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