Ana Carolina Ardohain, better known as pampitahad a masterful appearance this Sunday in the Martin Fierro, where she impacted everyone with her princess look with a glamorous pink dress.

The driver was also the target of memes, after in Benjamín Vicuña’s speech everyone assumed that he referred to his love story. However, the famous dismissed this and took it with humor “I put a poker face there, what was i going to do I knew I had the camera on me.”he expressed.

The truth is that Pampita returned with a lot of energy from her trip to Thailand, and was on several television programs this Tuesday. In her appearance on ‘A la Tarde’ (América TV), in addition to talking about her important award, she talked about her family life.

When asked about her blended family and how they do so that their children are not affected by what is said in the media, she assured: “So that they can walk peacefully through life, we adults take care of ourselves, that there is nothing that affects them,” he said.

The way Bautista Vicuña looks at his mom

Along with Bautista, one of the children he had with Pampita, Vicuña was shown in a blue blazer that he combined with a pink shirt and jean pants.
Bautista is the eldest son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña.

In the middle of the talk, Pampita told a very particular anecdote involving her son Bautista Vicuña. The famous was sincere: “He doesn’t see me as a bomb at all, he sees me as a big lady… He doesn’t see what people see on the networks, for them I’m a very big lady,” started saying.

She also said that the 15-year-old boy treats her and takes care of her like a big lady. “In addition, Bauti changed the channel a thousand times, because we were on YouTube, and I don’t know how to change it…. For him I am a mother like all the mothers at school”, he acknowledged between laughs.

The son of Benjamin Vicuna, He also made a specific request to pampita on one occasion. As she recalled, it was when she received a proposal to join one of the famous adult platforms -although she could make content far from eroticism, such as cooking recipes or family photos-, that Bauti was not very satisfied: “He told me, no, but what does it matter what you put on, if you’re there they will think badly… Maybe my friends will get in.”

It was then that Carolina rejected the offer, and assured that her children are more important than her professional proposals:

“You have to give it courage… If they lower my thumb, I don’t do it.”

Pampita on the presence of her son Bautista in the Martín Fierro family

One of the great moments of the night for the Martín Fierro, without a doubt, occurred when pampita he crossed his son Baptist already Benjamin Vicuna on the red carpet. The three greeted each other with great emotion and provided a unique postcard for their fans.

“He is huge and very proud of his parents. He really enjoyed the night and was looking forward to the celebration. Bauti bet that one of his parents was going to win something and wanted to hug us in person”, I confide with a big smile.

Pampita, Bautista and Benjamín Vicuña on the red carpet of the Martín Fierro.
Pampita, Bautista and Benjamín Vicuña on the red carpet of the Martín Fierro.

The blended family of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña

Today, Pampita is very much in love and shouts her love for her husband Roberto García Moritán to the four winds. Relationship from which the youngest of her daughters was born, the little Anawho has stolen the hearts of all followers with his sweetness.

And before Anita, her three sons were born, the result of her ten-year relationship with Benjamín Vicuña: Bautista (15), Beltrán (11) and Benicio (8). Although his eldest daughter is Blanca, who unfortunately passed away in 2012 and who would be 16 years old.

Regarding the coincidence that all his children’s names begin with the letter B, Benjamín Vicuña recounted on one occasion: “We started a pseudo tradition that gave itself, but there is nothing more than that”, assured.

For his part, the Chilean actor had two more children, during his relationship with China Suárez: Magnolia and Amancio. After a long time, they have been seen sharing in different family moments and watching their children grow together, showing that it is possible to have a blended family.

The photos of Pampita and her children.
The photos of Pampita and her children.

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