It’s been 23 days since Silvina Luna was admitted to the Italian Hospital, and that the prayers of her closest beings, friends, colleagues in the media and fans have accompanied her.

This Thursday, his family received encouraging news that came with a new medical report that they made public. It was through his lawyer, Fernando Burlando that the news was released.

“Patient Silvina Luna continues to be admitted to the Intensive Care service. She is lucid, without mechanical ventilatory assistance, with stable vital signs and her evolution is favourable”, it reads in the official medical document.

And later, health professionals detail that the actress: “She will remain hospitalized in this same service, where the necessary care and treatment will be provided”, closes the text.

The word of the close circle of Silvina Luna

Although the family maintains a lot of secrecy and takes care of the privacy of the delicate case, they spoke through the lawyer, and expressed: “We want to tell you that the power of prayer is showing its effects. Silvina has been extubated and that implies a slow but frank improvement, and that fills us with a tranquility that we want to share with those who accompany us in their prayers,” they wrote.

And they closed with a punctual sentence about the state of the model: “She fights with all her strength and we accompany her with faith and the hope that are needed in this difficult moment. Thank you”.

A few hours ago, brito angel told ‘LAM’ that the love Silvina has received has been tremendous, as there are many people who, even without knowing her, have joined in the cry for her speedy recovery.

He also explained that the Italian Hospital, They have come to leave notes, letters and even candleswhich shows how much his case has been dismayed.

The good news comes after a day of great concern

This Wednesday there was talk of how complicated the model’s painting was. The driver of ‘LAM’ made reference to the damage that had been generated in some of her organs, such as the kidneys, lungs and nerves, so receiving the news of her extubation hours later is truly encouraging.

He cannot breathe on his own, his body has no strength, his lungs have no strengththat’s why it’s connected to the respirator”, were some of De Brito’s words.

The hard story of Silvina Luna and the surgery that deteriorated her health

Twelve years ago, the “celebrity” surgeon Hannibal Lotocki – convicted of malpractice in this case – injected a controversial filler called methacrylate into his legs and buttocks. From that moment on, the semifinalist of Big Brother (2001; won first prize Roberto Parra) suffered from chronic renal failure that forced her to undergo daily dialysis and undergo periodic hospitalizations.

In mid-February, the model and former participant of The celebrity hotel revealed that will need a kidney transplant. When communicating it on her social networks, Luna expressed with resilience: “Today life offers me this and I face it with all my might, clinging to life”, he said in a recent interview on ‘LAM’.

Silvina was operated on between October and November 2011, in a procedure in which Lotocki placed polymethyl methacrylate microspheres on her. (PMMA) in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs. Moon I was 30 years old. The malpractice led to hypercalcemia (a disease in which the level of calcium in the blood is above normal) and kidney failure. A chronic picture that, since then, requires weekly studies and plunged her into a personal investigation in search of the solution.

“Every once in a while I need to go to the hospital, my calcium levels go up and my kidneys don’t work well. I require more corticosteroids, a medicine that I have been taking chronically for 8 years. And today I’m looking for other drugs that can replace it”, he would explain during one of his hospitalizations.

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