A fact not to believe. A thief assaulted a citizen at the exit of his house, and in the eagerness to flee he dropped his cell phone, completely forgetting him at the scene of the robbery, the unusual thing is that he later called the victim asking him to return the phone.

The event that occurred in the city of Avellaneda, Argentina, It raised the indignation of the community and the other citizens who found out about the event through a trill from the sister of the affected person.

There the relative recounted how three men assaulted her brother when he was trying to enter his house at dawn on Sunday.

The Incident, which ended in a chase, was recorded on the security cameras of a house in the area, as it looks like the teenager runs off to try to lose the delinquentsbut at one point he falls to the ground and the assailants manage to reach him to loot all his belongings.

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“They were all armed. He had already seen the car, walked around the block and thought that he had lost sight of them. He put the key in the door and that’s when the thieves got out of a white Nissan. For fear that they would enter the house, she had the instinct to run away, ”said the mother in an interview with a local news outlet.

In the video it is seen how the thieves stalk the young man to take away his valuables.


Twitter:@shaiel_o / Screenshot

The teenager lost his cell phone, his car keys, his wallet with cash and his identity documents. However, one of the thieves dropped his phone, along with his ID in the middle of the theft.

Thanks to this advantageous oversight, the complainants were able to corroborate the identity of the thief, who corresponds to a young man, aged 19, who lives in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas.

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But this is not all, because in the offender’s device, which was unlocked when it appeared, the victims managed to review their contacts, photos and WhatsApp conversations. In one of the groups called ‘Los pibes’, you can read a dialogue between two subjects that described their intention to commit a crime.

“A desire to play sports,” wrote one of the thieves in the chat, while his colleague replied: “Go ahead, let’s steal” (sic).

In the chat, it seems, the other members of the band are evident.


Twitter:@shaiel_o / Screenshot

The most ironic thing was the determination of the thief, who hours later he called his cell phone through the same application, to try to contact the victim and persuade him to return the equipment, claiming it was of great value to him.

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Finally, the affected person filed a complaint with the Police to report the events that occurred, but No suspects have been detained so far.so news is expected from the Argentine authorities to clarify the case.


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