Manu Urcerathe couple of Nicole Neumanwas caught in the crossfire between his future wife, Indiana and Fabian Cubero, the girl’s father. Despite the fact that the family conflict is judicialized, there was a time when everything was rosy and everyone got along very well, or at least it seemed so.

In this sense, Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares -hosts of show partnersthe eltrece program- recalled an interview they did to the racing driver after he returned from Italy with his girlfriend, Nicole Neuman. “Yes, very good with nicky very good. We are consolidating the couple, each time a little better”, began by saying the runner.

Then, in the interview held on September 13, he added: “I am very happy, he accompanied me in the last race I had in Italyin Imola. Obviously, we try to make a mix between my work and enjoying a little because knowing places in Europe It is very cute”.

The reason why in the program The thirteen reviewed the interview was that they asked ulcer for his role as a stepfather. “I like it a lot, I have a nice relationship with the girls. They are super affectionate with me. A relationship is always two and when there is good chemistry, a good relationship is very nice. I have a nice relationship and I love them a lot,” he declared. at the time.

Finally, he remarked that he would like to be a father in the future but did not want to set dates. “Obviously, at some point I would like to have a child. I don’t know at what point, today it is not the thought but it will happen at some point. Whatever day it will be with happiness for sure,” he closed Manu Urcera some time ago.

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