Karol G has proven to be an authentic, genuine artist and devoid of ‘mind words’ when it comes to raising her voice.

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When the cover came out in GQ magazine, at the beginning of April, the paisa artist criticized the digital retouching that modified her face and body. She labeled them not only as “disrespectful” for her, but also for all women who try to overcome society’s stereotypes.

“Today my GQ magazine cover was made public, a cover with an image that does not represent me. My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that, and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look natural,” Karol G said at the time.

The interpreter of ‘Mientras me curo del cora’ is not afraid to show her disagreement with what goes against her image and essence as a singer. However, she also has no qualms about recognizing and exalting the photographs that portray her with “admiration” and “respect.”

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With the latest cover of ‘Elle’ magazine, The Colombian artist did not hold back and expressed, in addition to gratitude, all her approval with the work done.

“These days have been crazy, beautiful, special, and the blessings and opportunities do not stop coming. Thank you, @elleusa for this invitation to be on the cover, for these beautiful photos, for the admiration and respect, and for this day that we enjoy so much,” the singer said on May 23.

The main image of the magazine shows Karol G with natural makeup, wearing her characteristic pink hair and wearing a daring Vivienne Westwood corset with Bulgari jewels. In another of the images, the artist wears a LaQuan Smith dress and Marc Jacobs shoes.

What did Karol G say in dialogue with the magazine?

Karol G’s fourth album, ‘Mañana ser bonito’, was well received by the public, so much so that it became the first album completely in Spanish by a female artist to reach number one on the Billboard 200 list in the United States.

Although the artist had announced that she would be away from the stage for a while, the success of ‘Mañana ser bonito’ weighed much more. On August 11, she will begin in Las Vegas, United States, a tour that will extend to Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Dallas and New York, where she will sing for the last time.

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In dialogue with ‘Elle’ magazine, the artist pointed out that the inspiration for this album was born from the process she had to face after breaking up with Anuel AA.

“I never would have imagined that such a dark moment in my life would turn me into what I am now as a person. The situation pushed me to learn, to value what I had, to find happiness in myself more than in another person. I think that’s actually the soul of the whole album and what’s made it so successful,” she said.

The artist was born in Medellín and moved to the United States later.

And he added: “We teach women how rich it is to be self-confident, to empower themselves. But also how nice it is to get to this point of using a platform as global as the one I have to tell people that it’s okay not to feel good.”

In a long and extended chat with the international magazine, The singer spoke about her beginnings in Medellín, her move to New York, her characteristic musical style and her future projects, among which a new album could appear. She also addressed the admiration and pleasure that it was for her to collaborate with Shakira.

“I just thought about all the World Cups I had done. I was watching ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and she came out. I couldn’t believe it,” said the ‘Cairo’ interpreter.

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