Today, Sunday May 7, It will be a good day for introspection, in which the signs will be more reflective than normal. In addition, social energy will be on the floor, in general, so it is an ideal time to improve the relationship with oneself and get to know oneself better.

    Happiness, success and love are engraved in the course of the stars but you have to know how to understand what they tell you. I am Madame Caterina and I dedicate myself to studying the planets, stars and constellations every day to translate and explain their designs. This is today’s horoscope sunday may 7.

    Aries daily horoscope



    Aries: March 21 to April 19

    You have to try to get some exercise. Despite all the energy you have lately you are leading a too sedentary life. If sport is essential for everyone, it is much more necessary in your case, Aries. You’re always fast and practicing exercise helps you a lot to control that excess activity that tends to overwhelm you and those around you. Today, which is Sunday, is the perfect time for you to resume your training routine. Trust me: you will appreciate it.

    Aries: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Taurus daily horoscope

    taurus horoscope


    Taurus: April 20 to May 20

    Hey, friend, it’s great that you like to save but, sometimes, freckles of stingy. What is the use of having money if you don’t know how to enjoy it? And it is that, today you may have to make a small outlay and do it reluctantly, even knowing that it will bring you many good things. Taurus, try to see things in perspective and, please, don’t be so materialistic and realize that there are much more important aspects in lifeLike spending quality time with the people you love.

    Taurus: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Gemini daily horoscope

    gemini horoscope


    Gemini: May 21 to June 20

    You have no filters, dear. Your face says it all, for better and for worse. Sometimes you hate being so transparent because when you’re happy everyone notices but, for example, if you don’t like someone you’re unable to hide it: it shows from a league away. This innate quality in you, maybe I played a trick on you today and make a person in your circle see that he is not, at all, a saint of your devotion. Try to control your gesturesplease, no matter how much it costs you.

    Geminis: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Cancer daily horoscope

    horoscope today friday march 17

    Cancer: June 21 to July 22

    You love your family above all else and there is nothing you like more than spending a day surrounded by your loved ones. Today you will have the opportunity to do so because the stars have a very quiet day planned for you, in which your circle will capture all your attention. The truth, Cancer. you need to be with them because you miss feeling their affection tremendously. And it is that, lately you have not gone through your best moment and you have been quite ‘out’. So, enjoy the day because you deserve it.

    Cancer: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Leo Daily Horoscope

    leo horoscope


    Leo: July 23 to August 22

    I read sometimes you are too intense. You have to understand that people need their space, too, and just because they’re going through a bad time, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong with you in particular. So, don’t start making movies because, like this, the only thing you are going to achieve is strain your relationship and make the other person feel bad for something that they have not even done. Besides, as you well know, that’s the last thing he needs right now. So, try to have a little empathy and put yourself in his place.

    Leo: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Virgo daily horoscope

    virgo horoscope


    Virgo: August 23 to September 22

    Virgo today you deserve to treat yourself to the day. you arrive on sunday completely exhaustedYou don’t even have energy to think, so it’s best that you consider the day as a ‘detox’ from everything and, especially, from work. You are becoming a ‘workaholic’, so, it is a good time for you to remedy it. I don’t care if you want to go to a ‘spa’, give yourself some ‘beauty pampering’ or prefer to stay on the sofa binge-watching series, but please, disconnect at once.

    Virgo: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Libra daily horoscope

    libra horoscope


    Libra: September 23 to October 22

    Mercury in retrograde has made you look within, face your fears and all those things in your life that, little by little, you have been covering and patching up because you did not dare to face them. Be careful, because you may get obsessed and try to change everything at once and, right now, it is not a good time to throw the blanket over your head and leave everything. The most important thing is that you listen to yourself and try to find out why you are with that person or why you don’t dare to change jobs.

    Libra: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Scorpio daily horoscope

    scorpio horoscope


    Scorpio: October 23 to November 21

    Lately you have been so focused on your responsibilities and, especially, on the work that you’ve put everything else aside, including your romantic life. Whether you have a partner or not, today is a good time for you to delve into your feelings and start doing something else that heart that you have so abandoned. My dear, you cannot continue to be like a robot because not everything in this life is our profession. You have to work to live and not the other way around, please. So, today, put the batteries and bring out your most loving facet.

    Scorpio: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Sagittarius daily horoscope

    sagittarius horoscope


    Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21

    Sagittarius, sometimes, you have to try to filter what you say. And it is that, your brain and your mouth have a direct line and you do not think before you speak. What this does is that, often, you express things that you shouldn’t and, either, tell something that only you should know or, on the contrary, it may you hurt more than one person with your comments because, for you, you are only giving your opinion but, sometimes, this can be the most hurtful. So, today please try to control yourself.

    Sagittarius: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Capricorn daily horoscope

    capricorn horoscope


    Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

    It’s the perfect time to start taking care of yourself more. Lately you have been leading a very sedentary life and you have already forgotten what exercise was. That, added to the fact that you have been neglecting your diet, is not doing you any good. So, take advantage of the fact that it’s Sunday and get your batteries on. Besides, Why don’t you call a friend and convince her to join the training? So you kill two birds with one stone and take the opportunity to catch up.

    Capricorn: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Aquarius daily horoscope

    aquarius horoscope


    Aquarius: January 20 to February 18

    Dear Aquarius, you have to listen to what others tell you about that person. You you are determined that their intentions are good but the truth is that he does not stop showing you, over and over again, that he is someone who cannot be trusted. You always look for an excuse to forgive her and, the truth is, I don’t know if you’re ready for her to fail you again, but rest assured, she will. I’m sorry to be so harsh, dear, but you better take off your blindfold (and from the heart) as soon as possible.

    Aquarius: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Pisces daily horoscope

    pisces horoscope


      Pisces: February 19 to March 20

      you’re going through a streak where you’re a little distant or, rather, independent. Do you want to dedicate time to yourself, pamper yourself… It’s okay, that does not imply, at all, that you love your partner less, if you have one. The fact that you are in a relationship does not mean that the two of you have to spend 24 hours a day stuck together and that you must necessarily do everything together. What’s more, it’s good that you keep your space and that you want to improve the relationship with the most important person: yourself.

      Pisces: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

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