Today, monday 24 of Aprilit will be a great time to do everything an emotional detox, above all, as far as relationships (of all kinds) are concerned. It is the ideal day to do a sweep among the people who are around you and remove, once and for all, those who do not contribute to your life. In addition, at the same time, it will be a perfect day for let yourself be loved for those who are part of our closest circle.

    Happiness, success and love are engraved in the course of the stars but you have to know how to understand what they tell you. I am Madame Caterina and I dedicate myself to studying the planets, stars and constellations every day to translate and explain their designs. This is today’s horoscope monday april 24.

    Aries daily horoscope



    Aries: March 21 to April 19

    Today the stars give you the gift of clairvoyance. And it is that, you are going to be super clear about everything you want, especially in everything related to the heart. Any nonsense is no longer worth it. Of course, be careful because if you have a partner and you are going through a crisis, it is likely that it will intensify today. You may even realize that you don’t have a future together because you feel like you’re looking for different things in the relationship. Make things clear, you know what you need.

    As for the professional level, you should try not to take your work home with you and learn to disconnect. You will appreciate it.

    Aries: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Taurus daily horoscope

    taurus horoscope


    Taurus: April 20 to May 20

    You can’t complain Taurus, Everything is going well. You have the stability you wanted so much, congratulations. Of course, sometimes you feel overwhelmed because you have more work than you can handle, but be patient and think that, at least, you are proving everything you are worth. Of course, you also need time for yourself, so today It is a good time to free yourself and let yourself go. Find time to practice a ‘hobby’ or, directly, let your hair down!

    Taurus: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Gemini daily horoscope

    gemini horoscope


    Gemini: May 21 to June 20

    It’s hard for you to say goodbye but it’s about time make a clean slateAt least as far as people are concerned. Yes, friend, you have to eliminate from your life, once and for all, all those who not only do not contribute anything to you, but also they put stones in your way. You need to be honest with yourself and with the people who really deserve it.

    Today you will have a somewhat calmer day at work, so take advantage of this moment and try solve tasks that you had pending. Then you will thank.

    Geminis: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Cancer daily horoscope

    horoscope today friday march 17

    Cancer: June 21 to July 22

    Cancer you are going to be somewhat absent from the world. You have been quite irascible for a while and today the last thing you want to do is argue. And it is that, you feel quite misunderstood. My dear, you have to start thinking positive because this attitude is not doing you any good. It’s more, locking yourself up is not going to do you any good. The best thing is that you let yourself be loved by your loved ones and, above all, that you do not expel them from your life simply because you are not in the mood: your environment is worried about youso, let them take care of you because, in addition, it will come in handy.

    Cancer: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Leo Daily Horoscope

    leo horoscope


    Leo: July 23 to August 22

    You are quite an extremist person and, moreover, you don’t take anything well the fact of not always being the center of everything. yes, yes there is someone who does not pay you the attention you think you deserve, you know what you have to do… focus on your circle and in the people who really deserve you and care about you.

    It is likely that today you will see somewhat overwhelmed by your feelings. That’s not bad, but try not to get carried away by another series of less positive emotions, such as jealousy.

    Leo: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Virgo daily horoscope

    virgo horoscope


    Virgo: August 23 to September 22

    You have done quite an important cleaning in your life but, even though it weighs you down, you are aware that you still have a lot of toxic people around you and, worst of all, you know that you are going to continue having to have contact with them. Of course, if you are fully aware of how they are, your toxicity cannot affect you. Today it will be good for you to stay with the people who love youhave your friends close and get rid of all that negativity.

    If there is something that overwhelms you, trust yourself and your decisions but don’t stop asking for help. You do not have to be able with all your own and you have many people around you willing to lend you a hand.

    Virgo: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Libra daily horoscope

    libra horoscope


    Libra: September 23 to October 22

    Dear, you can’t keep hiding. It is time for you to resolve that issue that you have been trying to avoid for so long. Today is a good day for you to keep the conversations that are needed and make everything clear once and for all. Retrograde Mercury can help you in this regard, because it will be the best catalyst to open your mind.

    Try to stay calm and let yourself be carried away by your more rational side. to control the situation. Nerves are not going to help you.

    Libra: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Scorpio daily horoscope

    scorpio horoscope


    Scorpio: October 23 to November 21

    Oh, Scorpio. You have so many responsibilities that you are about to collapse. Of course, you must be very proud of everything you have achieved: look back and think about how you have managed to reinvent yourself. Today, Take a deep breath and try to manage stress better and, above all, don’t get carried away by that feeling that you’re not getting anywhere. Don’t be overwhelmed, in the end, you can always handle everything and you know it.

    Psst… Retrograde Mercury will awaken your intuitionso stop ignoring her and listen to her once and for all.

    Scorpio: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Sagittarius daily horoscope

    sagittarius horoscope


    Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21

    Sagittarius, sometimes you are a little intense. However, Don’t be afraid to express your feelings today. Of course, as long as you control your jealousy, because it is, without a doubt, one of your weak points.

    As for work, you have to slow down and, moreover, you are fully aware of it. You like the adrenaline and that feeling that you are going to conquer the world, but your body is crying out for a little calm. You have to learn that one thing is not incompatible with the other. Slow down a bit and find time for yourself.

    Sagittarius: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Capricorn daily horoscope

    capricorn horoscope


    Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

    You have to refocus. You must remember that you are capable of everything you set your mind toyou have that gift. Today, in addition, the stars put the universe in your favor so that you can show it to the rest of the world. Yes indeed, do not get carried away by impatience because you can fall into frustration: the fruits are not collected instantly, everything comes in due time.

    watch out today financial issues will bring you upside down and it is possible that you have to face several payments that you had pending.

    Capricorn: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Aquarius daily horoscope

    aquarius horoscope


    Aquarius: January 20 to February 18

    The rough patch you’ve been through seems to have finally come to an end. After going through such a difficult time, you don’t believe everything that is happening to you now. Today It’s a good time to finish assume all good things that have come into your life and trust you.

    On the other hand, today you may have to face some complicated decision: listen to your instinct and ignore all those who want to contradict you. You must impose your criteria when organizing your life.

    Aquarius: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

    Pisces daily horoscope

    pisces horoscope


      Pisces: February 19 to March 20

      You are going through a time of many changes. Also, do you want to take a risk? jump into the void and try new things, especially in professional matters. Be careful with Mercury retrograde, friend. Of course, do not let fear stop you, you must trust yourself because the stars support you.

      I have to warn you: chances are today you feel somewhat unstable. It will help you lean on your loved ones: open up and tell them all your worries.

      Pisces: how they are, characteristics and what the future holds for them.

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