DiegoCholoSimeone and his wife, the model Carla pereyraThey live in a spectacular mansion in the exclusive La Finca neighborhood in Madrid. The property is valued at 10 million dollars and is a true reflection of the success they have achieved as a couple in their careers.

The interior and garden of Cholo Simene’s house.

With an elegant and modern decoration that combines warm colors such as beige and earth, Carla and Cholo’s house is a precious and sophisticated place where they enjoy family moments in the gallery and in the large garden surrounded by the natural beauty that gives them his property.

The decoration of Cholo Simene’s house.

It should be clarified that The Estate It is an exclusive neighborhood that is home to some of the most influential personalities in Spain, from elite athletes to successful businessmen and renowned artists such as the singer himself, Alexander Sanz.

Aerial view of La Finca.

The complex has land equivalent to 400 soccer fields divided into three zones: Los Lagos I, where the most luxurious mansions are located, Los Lagos II and Prado Largo, the most accessible of the three. Carla and Cholo’s property is located in Los Lagos I, which speaks to their status and position in Spanish society.

The interior of Cholo Simene’s house.

The house is home to the couple and their two daughters, Francesca and Valentina, who enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the exclusive neighborhood in which they reside.

The interior of Cholo Simene’s house.

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