Daniela Celis (26), the brunette who became known as ‘Pestañela’ in her triumphant passage through the house of Big Brother 2022shared with her two million followers the emotion she felt after having taken a big step in her life: she moved alone for the first time.

“Well, first achievements. They just handed me the keys to the new little apartment. It is the first one. They don’t know how happy I am. Obviously, I don’t have anything, but with my presence it’s a lotno. I have a bed, which is my mom’s bed, and then, with love, the rest of the things will come. We are going to buy everything little by little. I am very happy!, VERY happy “, she wrote excitedly in an Instagram story showing the key ring that corresponds to the two-room apartment who just rented.

After her time on Big Brother, Daniela was able to rent her first apartment. Photo: Instagram.

Over the long weekend, helped by family and friends, Daniela began to move some of her belongings onto the property and also decided to show her first purchases: a refrigerator, a microwave, and some pretty cups for breakfast.

“Oh, you don’t know how happy I am guys! We just finished cleaning everything and now the apartment has a great aroma. We still need to connect this and get out of here my little ice cream I love her, I’m already hugging her”, he exclaimed almost shouting with emotion. Then, looking at the camera, she added: “We also have a microwave. Obviously we need to unpack, and I’ll add more things, but everything is super cute.”

For now, Daniela and Thiago preferred to keep their relationship in separate houses. He is one of the great supports that the young woman maintains through this process of leaving her family home and starting a new phase.

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