Johnny Depp is now the person with the most millionaire agreement in history in men’s fragrances

When a world-class personality signs an agreement with an international luxury and fashion brand such as Dior, Gucci or any of the world’s great houses, these contracts usually have rates that, orUsually they go between 2 and 4 million dollars a year, according to reports from Variety.

Among the figures that have surpassed this mark, already Brad Pitt had gone too far, when he was paid 7 million for promoting Channel No. 5. And the record was held until now by the renowned actor Robert Pattinson, when Dior Homme decided to pay him 12 million.

Depp at the premiere of his film ‘Crock of gold: A few rounds with Shane MacGowan’ (2020)

But Johnny Depp, who a couple of years ago was on the verge of being canceled due to a legal dispute with his ex-wife, has just set the bar much higher. LThe French luxury house Dior has decided to pay him 20 million, over three years.

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Depp’s relationship with Dior goes back a long time. the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean had been the face of Dior Sauvage since 2015. And although there was a lot of media pressure for this contract to end, when the scandal that marked him as a “wife abuser” broke out, the firm maintained its support for the American actor.

But since last year’s US trial verdict that helped Depp clean up his image, the actor has managed to avoid what once seemed like an inevitable tailspin. The 1st On June 2022, a jury decided that Heard defamed Depp and sentenced her to pay the actor $10.3 million. At the same time, he ordered Depp to pay her $2 million in compensatory damages.

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And though they both appealed the verdict, they eventually signed an agreement to put the issue behind them and move on with their lives, after Heard, through his insurance company, agreed to pay $1 million.

Now, Depp goes on with his life, releasing movies like the recent Jeanne DuBarry, doing some painting (he has sold his works quite well) and some music. While Heard has just settled in Spain trying to start a new life.

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