Joaquin Sperani14, passed away in the last week after Leandro, a boy his own age, murdered him. This event occurred in Laboulayea town in the interior of Cordova but it did not take long for it to have national repercussions.

Currently, Joaquin is hospitalized in Hope Complexa site located approximately 20km from the capital of Cordova. It is so far from the city and the city center that it is located 6km from the ring road that surrounds the second largest metropolis in our country.

In American breakfastthe program that leads Pamela David in the mornings of America TVthey spoke with bethlehem bianchia journalistic correspondent who was located in the Hope Complexthe place where the alleged murderer of Joaquin Sperani.

“This is an establishment, a socio-educational center where minors go and in a certain way are imprisoned. The Secretary of Childhood and Adolescence of Córdoba, Georgina Tavellacommented that some of them are behind bars and others share a room with other minors,” the journalist from America TV.

Then, he talked about the specific situation of Leandrothe alleged boy who beat to death Joaquin Sperani. “In the specific case of this alleged murderer, he is alone, little by little they are integrating him because he is the youngest of all the minors,” he declared. bianchi.

Finally, he commented that there are 138 children and adolescents in total in the complex and that Leandro “He is in a room that is behind bars and he can have contact with his relatives and loved ones who decide to visit him, but in this case the parents have not come to visit him at the moment,” closed the information.

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