One more season is about to start in European professional football and with it the big leagues. From a month before, they plan and form the entire match schedule while their players are on vacation.

The Bundesliga, for many soccer fans, is one of the great leagues of the old continentsince they have historical teams that competed or compete in the most important tournaments in the world.

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Rafael Santos, a Colombian player, is part of this prestigious league.


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To emphasize, German soccer is characterized by having 18 teams, each one of them faces each other as locals and visitors, completing a total of 34 days.

In this new season German football will start next month, to be exact on Friday, August 18, with the participation of the most winning team of said competition, Bayern Munich.

On Saturday, by the organization Deutsche Fußball, the other matches will take place, where the other 16 teams will face each other that will seek from minute one of the match to win a new league.

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10 first dates of the Bundesliga 2023-2024

  1. Day 1: August 18 and 19.
  2. Day 2: August 26.
  3. Day 3: September 2.
  4. Day 4: September 16.
  5. Day 5: September 23.
  6. Day 6: September 30
  7. Day 7: October 10.
  8. Day 8: October 21.
  9. Day 9: October 28.
  10. Day 10: November 4.

Keep in mind that some dates will take place this year, but also in 2024, ending on May 18, because the 18 teams will face each other at the same time to create a new German champion.

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