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Hey Netflix is ​​a new bot available on Discord. Its purpose is to suggest movies and series to watch on the SVoD platform in your conversations.

Netflix and Discord logos // Source: Frandroid montage based on the creations of Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Finding something to watch on Netflix isn’t always an easy task. The SVoD service knows this and therefore already offers a “Launch a title” function which chooses a film for you.

In the same vein, Netflix is ​​now launching a bot on Discord whose objective is also to help you find a title to watch when you are undecided. The platform teams announced this through a tweet.

To do this, you just need to install the “Hey Netflix” application on your Discord server and type the command /heynetflix in a channel.

After a few questions (in English), the bot offers the group a selection of titles.

— Netflix France (@NetflixFR) November 10, 2022

The bot called “Hey Netflix” on Discord is already available. We briefly tried it.

Using the Hey Netflix bot on Discord

To use Hey Netflix, you must first, of course, install it on your Discord server. Once this step is completed, you can summon the bot by typing “/heynetflix” in the chat channel.

The Hey Netflix bot on Discord // Source: Frandroid

The robot will ask you if it should only recommend content for you or also for your Discord friends. If you opt for the first choice, the results offered will be visible only to you.

Then it will search to find out if you want to find a movie or a series. Once you deliver this information, Hey Netflix offers four suggestions.

Suggestions from the Hey Netflix bot on Discord // Source: Frandroid

For each of the four titles, you will find corresponding buttons at the bottom that lead to a Netflix link to access the selected film. On the other hand, the four suggested titles do not seem to be based on your preferences at all.

In this regard, there is a “Refine options” button. However, this one only serves to revive four other suggestions. Perhaps this function will be refined later.

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This Netflix bot on Discord suggests movies for you to watch, here’s how it works

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