Jorge Rial He is advancing in his recovery after the heart attack he suffered less than a week ago in Colombia. From her social networks, she told how the last days were and shared a deep reflection after the great scare.

“This was the battlefield for five days. I was able to leave it because there were many people who accompanied me. Very close and at a distance. A moment of sadness, fatigue but also of discovery,” the journalist wrote next to a photograph of the bed where he was hospitalized

Jorge Rial’s post

Then he wrote about the “teaching” that this hard episode leaves him: “We have control of absolutely nothing, only how to get there, not when, nor how nor where. Now to continue on the road because God gave me another chance“.

Rial also took advantage of this message to think about his future: “To lick the wounds that this small but intense trip left me, to heal the soul and body and try to understand everything. To continue recovering.”

To conclude, he thanked, once again, those who were by his side: “Thank you to those who, without knowing me, fought by my side. PI’ll be there soon. But everything will not be the same. It is impossible. Now I will be able to put together this puzzle that life gave me.”

Jorge Rial’s funny message from the clinic

The journalist decided to return to social networks with everything. Although he is still recovering and is in control, he showed an amusing detail from the Colombian clinic

They count my age day by day. There can’t be so much evil,” he said with a laugh. In the photo you can see his name and the exact days of life: “61 years, 7 months, 2 days.”

Photo: social networks

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