On Thursday night, Matilda Blanco (56) celebrated her birthday surrounded by family and friends at a spectacular party. The place chosen for this great event was the Studio Palace, located in the exclusive Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, and the organization was in charge of the talented Carla Lioi.

The party stood out for having two main themes: Coco Chanel and my 15th birthday. From the moment of her arrival at the room, Matilda showed off her unique style when she arrived in an impressive limousine with her colleagues from the program. The environment was dressed in elegance and sophistication with elements such as the waltz, a tree of candles and beautiful ribbons.

Matilda Blanco at her birthday celebration. Photo: Press.

Around 80 guests had the privilege of attending this memorable celebration. Among them were well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and television, such as Mariana Brey, Marcela Coronel, Sandra Borghi, Majo Martino, Locho Loccisani, Guido Zaffora, Ailen Bechara, Lali Fernandez, José Maria Listorti, Jorge Rey and Mario Massaccesi, among others.

Matilda Blanco celebrating her birthday with Nicolás Maiques. Photo: Press.

The menu selected for the occasion was exquisite and varied. Attendees enjoyed finger foods, sushi, pizzas, risotto casseroles and Mexican tacos, with vegetarian options available. In addition, the party had two drinks bars: one offering signature drinks and another with a selection of wines, champagne and beer.

Matilda Blanco with her friends celebrating her birthday. Photo: Press.

One of the highlights of the night was the impressive cake designed by the renowned pastry chef Gastón Salas, winner of Bake Off. Inspired by Coco Chanel, the cake became the center of attention on the sweet table, which also followed the theme of the famous designer. Likewise, an impressive chocolate cascade and a sweet table with details inspired by Coco Chanel could be appreciated.

The music was provided by a talented DJ, who kept the guests dancing late into the night. In addition, the band “Temazo” made its appearance later, performing various covers that encouraged everyone present.

Guido Záffora, Mariana Brey, Marcela Coronel and Lourdes Sánchez accompanied Matilda Blanco on her birthday. Photo: Press.

The party featured special elements that added a touch of magic and fun. A luminous tunnel, a glitter stand and a 360 platform, the latest trends for events, were some of the attractions that the guests were able to enjoy.

As for Matilda’s personal appearance, the honoree wore two spectacular looks during the night. In the first instance, she dressed in a dazzling white outfit inspired by a Doll’s House. Later, she surprised everyone with an elegant black dress by Natalia Antolín.

Matilda Blanco danced the waltz with Mariano de la Canal. Photo: Press.
Matilda Blanco with her Coco Chanel three-tier birthday cake. Photo: Press.
Matilda Blanco had her carioca carnival at her birthday party. Photo: Press.

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