Within the framework of a unprecedented party to celebrate Pride Day, PEOPLE brought together celebrities and references from the LGBTIQ+ community. Under the dress code “More is more”the meeting left the doors open to the creativity so that everyone could dress in their own way. To fully appreciate the best looks of the night, we invited the personalities who attended the event to participate in an immersive experience.

Spot 360 starred in unique moments on the night of +GENTE. With no limitations when it comes to dressing and with the proposal to express their identity through clothing, the guests posed and had fun in this space. It was an opportunity for highlight every detail of the looks extravagant, as well as being the perfect base for the figures to express themselves. Was dances, greetings to the camera and artistic but spontaneous poses who entertained everyone present.

Celeste Montanari, host of the cycle +PEOPLE.

Celeste Montanaricycle host +PEOPLE, José María Muscari, Costa, Dyhzy, Julieta Poggio, Daniela Celis, Panni Margot, Puli Demaría and Lady Nada were some of the personalities that posed in the spot 360.

Taking the platform, Dyhzy dazzled with a performance dance full of attitude.

The power of clothes: dress for you

encourage you to use garments or entire looks that speak of who you areno matter what they say, is an expression of identity. The wardrobe can transmit thoughts, emotions and beliefs and, like society, it has also evolved. under the motto “Dress as you want, dress for you” skip take care of the power of clothes and continues to work to break down the stereotypes that still exist around clothing. In this sense, the dress code proposal “More is more” It was designed to promote freedom when wearing the clothes that identify us.

José María Muscari danced to the rhythm of the music in the immersive experience + PEOPLE.

Regarding clothing, the figures were asked about their looks and more than one surprised with their response. It was the case of dyhzy, who wore one of the most applauded outfits of the night. “The look was all done by me. The bodysuit was given to me and I hit the whole outfit stone by stone”, he stated. Another personality who did not hesitate to share the details of her look was Jose Maria Muscari: “I almost came in black, but I wanted to be proud of the look. I put together a look with all the clothes I bought on trips and I selected each item aiming for shine”.

Dyhzy hand-embroidered her suit.

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