The beginning of the relationship between Nicole Neuman (42) and Fabian Cubero (44) was intertwined with certain acts of infidelity that she herself recognized. “I have been unfaithful and I assume it”, The model confessed, referring to the fact that she met the former soccer player while he was still in a relationship with Nacho Herrero.

The first guidelines of this love story, one of the most failed in the world of entertainment, It happened in the changing rooms of the Vélez court when she went to pose for a production of the magazine Hombre. In it, the player and other athletes – all of them in their underwear – surrounded the lace.

This is how Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero met.
This is how Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero met.

The problem came when the respective exes of each one came out to say that they had had an affair when they were engaged. “After those photos with her I began to notice it strange”said Sofia Martin, who was Cubero’s girlfriend.

The truth is that Herrero was blunt: “She needed a person who could bank her. Out there, not having had a paternal image in her childhood, she wanted a man who would tell her ‘skinny, relax, I’ll take care of everything’. And I always told him that I was not going to be able to give him that. The same day of the wedding I told him ‘If you had to go with me to a little ranch by the sea, would you come?’ And Nicole told me that she didn’t… There were many reasons that people are unaware of that led to us getting married.”

Nicole Neumann and Cubero on the Vélez court.

The times of love were explosive and came hand in hand with the formation of a family that today seems to be at odds. From their bond they were born Indiana, Allegra and sienna.

A vintage photo of Cubero with his three daughters.

The crisis and the beginning of a war

When their romance was ending, Nicole appeared crying on the dance floor of the Dancing for a Dream. At that moment, Marcelo TinelliHe asked what was wrong and the answer was ambiguous: “I have personal problems.” Shortly after she found out about the crisis and the separation came.

“I’m still in love with the Nicole I knew, Not the one I see now. She has had a crisis since last year, with the vortex of Dancing and stuff. We have talked very little since then. I always banked her and I will continue to bank her. But Since we weren’t there, I asked him to be honest to make the decision without blame. If there are third parties, I asked him to tell me so that we can finish and give him more freedom to decide, but he denied me, ” Cubero told at that time.

And the rumors of infidelity reigned again: it was said that Neumann deceived him with Paul Cosentinothe former model’s husband Daniela Urzi.

Nicole in People after their separation.

Ten years after those events, the family is still in the middle of a pitched battle that seems to have no end, since on the one hand there is the conflict between Cubero and Neumann and, on the other, the one between Indiana and her mother whom denounced for ill-treatment.

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