Guillermo Calabrese He died in the last few hours at the age of 61 and left a huge gap in the gastronomic space of the media. the driver of Argentine cooksthe program of the Public TVdied unexpectedly from cardiac arrest and caused consternation in the television environment.

In this context, in us in the morningthe program of The thirteenThey recalled the last interview he gave in the Miter Livethe segment of conversations with celebrities that he has in the instagram of Radio Miter Juan Etchegoyenone of the members of the program conducted by the Chicken Alvarez.

In the first part of the interview, the chef commented that he was very afraid of airplanes and that at one point it made it impossible for him to travel and get to know the gastronomic culture of other countries. However, in the second part he moved everyone present in the study of the Thirteen when talking about his relationship with Carlos “the cat” Dumashis mentor and teacher.

He dumas cat it was all. I started with him, I got hold of him; next to him I grew up, learned and lived as a cook and a human being. I have spent more hours with him at certain times than with my intimate family. We had a relationship of absolute respect, affection and friendship from teacher to disciple. I always considered him and still consider him my teacher.“, commented the late cook.

Then, William added: “It was an absolute hitch that occurred between one person and another; sometimes it doesn’t happen, but in this case it did. We have traveled the world cooking. I always remember cooking in Moscowin the Red Square; in it Baltic Sea; in Mexico and in thousands of places making television programs“.

To close, calabrese he told Juan EtchegoyenI always say what the dear one once said Osvaldo BazanI was always ‘in the friendly background‘. That was my essence, assisting him on TV. Of course we have founded restaurants, catering services, we founded the Gato Dumas Institute that started with an idea, why not transfer the knowledge to someone“.

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