In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about supposed time travelers returning to this year to warn humanity of possible disasters in the future. For this reason, On the TikTok platform, the story of the myth of Thomas Johnson, a child who disappeared in 1912 and appreciated 60 years later, was released.

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The boy is believed to have been 10 years old and lived with his parents on a farm in New York. According to the media that have recorded this case, near his home there was an artificial lake, which his father had forbidden him to approach, because according to him, strange things were happening around.

One of them is that a kind of whirlpool was constantly formed on the surface of the water, which supposedly absorbed objects and animals, besides, what went into him never came back. It is worth noting that no such lake has ever been found or given its location.

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The boy did not believe much in the things his father told him, whose name is not known. For this reason, one day he ignored all the warnings he had been given and approached the place with some of his friends. According to the media, at that moment, a whirlpool began to form in the lake.

It is believed that Thomas was surprised by what his eyes were seeing and wanted to get closer to better see what was happening. At that moment, according to what his friends saw, he was sucked into the whirlpool. Quickly, the children went to tell Mr. Johnson what had happened to his son. However, when he arrived at the place it was very late and there was no trace of him anywhere.

Supposedly, for several days the authorities did their best to find him in the lake and in the surrounding areas. However, the efforts were unsuccessful and after a long time the search was closed and ended.

According to the ‘steemit’ medium, it is believed that Thomas’s father always blamed himself for what happened to his son and over the years he would not completely overcome this fact.

In July 1970, almost 60 years old, when his father was 91 years old, he allegedly walked through his property and passed by the mysterious lake, as he used to go to this place to remember his son. When suddenly a whirlpool would have formed in the body of water, exactly the same as the one that had absorbed his son.

According to different media reports, at that moment, the man could see how the mysterious whirlpool brought his son back to the surface. The boy came out of the water completely lost and disoriented. In addition, he did not recognize his father, since he was already very old, but after having a conversation he would have recognized him.

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Supposedly, the young man looked 15 years old, that is, for him only 5 years had passed, but for the rest of the world 58 years had passed. It is said that the authorities investigated the case, because they believed that it could be a hoax or an impostor, with the purpose of defrauding the old man.

However, they would have been in for a big surprise. seeing that the fingerprints were exactly the same as those of Thomas Johnson, the boy who had disappeared in 1912. At the time, this case caught people’s attention and for this reason they decided to move and change their identity. According to the international media, the boy never wanted to reveal what he saw or experienced in the period of time that he was missing.

It is worth clarifying that there are no official documents of this myth, however, it has had great strength in social networks for quite some time.


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