All kinds of stories are published on social networks that generate curiosity, astonishment, anger, fear, joy or fun, often leaving thousands of users shocked and generating all kinds of reactions from Internet users.

This is the case of a man who cheated on his wife on multiple occasions, coming to the decision to separate from her to go live with one of his lovers..

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Despite the fact that this story would normally end in a heartbreak and a painful duel for the first wife, which happened it was totally the opposite.

Unexpectedly, the subject’s wife, Andrea, met this third person who had gotten into their relationship, Lorena, and instead of ending their marriage “he fell in love” with her, and proposed to the man that the three of them live in the same house.

On the Koplak Family TikTok account (@famlia_koplak), the protagonist of this story, recounted her reasons for starting a polyamorous relationship with her husband’s lover, Gabriel.

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The account is managed by the three, and in it they have answered questions from their followersexplaining that the decision to open up their relationship and call it “polyamorous” has brought benefits for everyone.

The family of Mexicans assure that they are united emotionally, sexually and sociallyand that has helped them to have a much more “healthy” coexistence.

“I’m happy because I shouldn’t be worried about where my husband is,” Andrea says in one of the videos, where Lorena says she’s also happier because she doesn’t have to hide to go out with her boyfriend. “And now I have a family,” she points out.

Gabriel, for his part, has been emphatic that theirs is a polyamorous relationship, because everyone relates in the same way and shares their lives.

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Faced with comments that say this is not a family, they respond that they are because they live in an environment of trust, open to communication and respecting their differences..

In their networks, where they already have hundreds of followers, they have dedicated themselves to explaining their vision of life and the love relationship they haveand they say they are open to explaining any questions from Internet users.


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