Carmen and Lupita Andrade have much more than a sisterly bond: Since they were born, they share a pelvis, reproductive system, liver, and bloodstream.

These conjoined twins, born in Mexico, came to the United States with their parents in 2002, hoping to undergo separation surgery that was not performed at the time or later.

“If we had a separation surgery, one of us would die, we would both die or end up in the ICU and we would never come out,” revealed Lupita, the less outgoing of the two, in dialogue with ‘Today’.

Their genetic condition has led them to have to face many challenges throughout their lives. Walking, for example, was one of the first. Finding coordination and balance with one leg (each) was a great challenge that, over time, they have managed to overcome.

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Now they travel on planes, go to the movies, attend concerts, and even work out in the gym. Carmen is studying at the university to be a veterinary nurse and Lupita, for her part, hopes to work in the same field as a technician.

Within what is possible, both young women try to lead a normal life, even in love. After receiving many messages from men with fetishes, Carmen met Daniel, her boyfriend, on a dating app in 2020.

Although social anxiety played tricks on her, as she ended up canceling plans at the last minute, she managed to reap a solid relationship with Daniel, with whom she hopes to get engaged and move in in the future. The relationship, according to her, is not a problem for her conjoined twin.

“It’s funny because I stay up later than Lupita, but when Daniel stays to sleep, I quickly fall asleep and he stays up talking to her,” Carmen told the aforementioned medium.

In order to have a healthy relationship, Carmen tries to reach agreements with Lupita, who openly declares herself asexual. One of these arrangements includes letting her choose some of the plans to carry out as a couple.

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Even if they wanted to have children, neither Lupita nor Carmen could get pregnant, as they suffer from endometriosis and they have a hormone blocker that prevents them from menstruating.

Carmen and Lupita, a sensation in social networks

With over 3 million followers on TikTok, Lupita y Carmen have become a sensation. On the short video social network, they make trends, share with their followers and reveal details of what it’s like to be with a person 24 hours a day. His goal in showing himself in this way, so natural and genuine, is to normalize his condition.

When they were just girls, there was no shortage of teasing (because people their age infantilized them) and now that they are 22 years old, neither. While they have been very open with their routines, agreements, and intimate lives, they often have to deal with criticism and intrusions from fans by setting boundaries.

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“We received some nasty comments. Many people are not used to people with disabilities setting limits. We get a lot of questions about sex, how we go to the bathroom, and the like. But you have to remember: we are not just conjoined twins, we are people,” Carmen told ‘Today’.

Although the conjoined twins share clothes, they try to give distinctive touches to their appearance with the color of the frame of the glasses, the haircut, the accessories and the piercings. Hence, it is not so difficult to identify them in the footage that they upload to social networks.

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