recently on social media The story of Leonardo, a donkey who lived in a shanty in Seville, Spain, has been talked about again. together with a family at risk of social exclusion that did not take care of him as he needed, because they had him tied up all the time and did not give him food or water.

“Leonardo was tied up without being able to move, without food, without water, with a life of mistreatment that lasted 8 years,” Ismael López Dobarganes, founder of Santuario Gaia told ‘Telecinco’.

However, This animal’s life changed when his family had to move out of their home, but they couldn’t take him with them. At that moment, they decided to call the president of the former Osuna animal protector, in Seville, to take care of him.

In this sense, she put them in contact with the Gaia Sanctuary Foundation. Leonardo had to make a trip from Seville to Girona, of more than 1000 km, to reach his new home.

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Arriving, The veterinarians realized that his condition was not the best, as he had various health problems., for example, in his eyes he had uveitis and an ulcer. In addition, on her body she had several skin wounds, especially on her extremities.

On the Facebook of the Gaia Sanctuary Foundation, they explain that the treatment to cure him began immediately, likewise they had to deworm him and do different tests to understand how his health was.

However, this new home meant that Leonardo would live a life he never imagined, because he would be in a place where he would be cared for and loved as he deserved.

The most moving moment was when they removed the harness from his head and told him that from now on he was free. This was recorded in several videos and you can see how the donkey brayed and cried with happiness, in such a way that it moved everyone present.

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“He seems to know. As soon as he arrived, as soon as we took off the bridle he was wearing and we explained to him that he was now free, he let out a great cry full of hope, which has been heard throughout the Sanctuary,” the foundation wrote on its Facebook page.

The recording was shared on different social networks and has moved thousands of people, including some have assured that they have cried when seeing the images. Likewise, several Internet users have thanked the foundation for giving Leonardo a better life.


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