On the TikTok platform, a young vegan has been criticized, as she stated that He has not used products to wash his hair for six years. What you usually do in wet it and brush it.

This is Laura Ashley, a 27-year-old woman who uses her social networks to encourage the ‘no poo’ method, a trend that consists of not using shampoo for washing hair, according to the ‘Daily Mail’ media.

The tiktoker, who currently resides in Riverside, California, explained that her hair was initially straight, but over time it became curly thanks to the ‘no poo’ method and by adopting a vegan diet.

When Laura decided to share her hair care routine, it sparked a debate in the comments, because there were people who praised her and others criticized her saying that her hair looked “greasy.” However, she took these comments with humor.

“I had seen some stuff online about some people not shampooing and the more I started to dive in, the more I wanted to take everything into my own hands and take as much responsibility as I could,” Laura told the Daily Mail.

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He also noted, “It’s kind of an experimental DIY thing. I remember thinking: Can I make my own shampoo? Do we really need to trust all these products?”

For her, her hair is now much healthier, as she used a lot of hair products and heat to style it before. “Now that I’ve stopped all that, I have curls in my hair. It is nice. I wake up, I take a shower and I like my hair,” she stated.

When Laura decided to stop using shampoo she started washing it out with baking soda and vinegar. But over time, she preferred to just do it with water and a wide-tooth comb. In that sense, her current routine consists of brushing before she showers. Then, he washes with plenty of water, massages the scalp and passes his brush.

“Once I get out, I wrap my hair in a towel for half an hour and then put on some argan oil or rosemary oil. I stopped using the store shampoo because there are so many added things,” she assured.

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The tiktoker never imagined that her videos would go viral and she appreciates all the comments that have been made and He noted that the attacks don’t bother him in the slightest.

“If people want to comment that I look moldy or sticky, by all means do it. Because everyone has their own opinions on hair, so whatever. I have never been told that I stink. Honestly, I get a lot of compliments on my hair. I don’t mind the comments on TikTok at all, they are hilarious,” she concluded.


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