Children increasingly become the protagonists of social networks, Well, for a few years parents have decided to record their children in all possible areas, whether they are talking, running or playing.

In this case, it became known how a girl would expose her mother, since she revealed to her father that she had a secret boyfriend.

Tiktok is one of the applications where you can see the most striking and funny stories.

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It all started on June 30 when a video was shared on TikTok posted on the account @ kaiser9278where a girl and her father were shown playing the viral challenge called ‘What does it feel like’, which consists of the participants saying “truths” that can be painful for the other person.

They were both happy recording and to give rise to the challenge, the man began with his hurtful words: “How does it feel that your dad doesn’t let you have a boyfriend because he gets angry?” The girl, hearing this, responded instantly. “What does it feel like when you are toxic with another man?”

From that moment on, the girl’s father was confused because the comment came out of nowhere. and did not expect it. For this reason, he asked her daughter to explain why she claimed that her mother was unfaithful to her.

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“It’s that once my mom put me a song with my grandmother Ofe and said that the ‘here’ was her boyfriend”, that is, the one who was supposedly next to her.

Obviously, upon hearing this, the woman reacted by denying everything, explaining that “the boyfriend” was a member of a music band that appeared on television. However, her partner would not believe anything because of how nervous she was.

The woman’s anger was such that she even scolded the girl and her husband for putting her in the game, since she did not want to.

No matter how the two people were, the girl kept saying that it was all true. To confirm this, her father asked her if her mother had ever gone out on the street. And according to his words, his mom constantly asks him to take care of his little brother.

In the end, her mother called her daughter a liar. and all of them would culminate in the end of the video, leaving Internet users wondering how all this ended.

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