On TikTok, the video of Gianpiero Fusco went viral, a fitness trainer, who shared his unusual recipe for raw meat with egg. In networks, users reacted to the fact and doubted the benefits of this food.

@sw_gianpiero is the username of the Venezuelan coach, who is known for his recipes, exercises, and advice on health and wellness. In his TikTok account alone, he has more than 369,000 followers and his videos accumulate hundreds of views.

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One of his most recent videos was supported and criticized by some users. In it, Funco talked about one of his favorite recipes: eating raw meat with egg. The young man assured that eating this food naturally helps to maintain the physique.

“I’m going to show you my favorite tartan. We start with pepper, freshly ground, a touch of olive oil, cayenne pepper, the egg yolks, (…) My touch of nutmeg, this is the secret of the house, for salt last”, said the coach.

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The recommendations generated controversy among Internet users, while some supported it and assured that they ate the same thing, others affirmed that it was harmful to health due to the bacteria that it could contain.

“Raw meat can contract microorganisms that are harmful to humans”, “I do like raw meat”, “I know a person who got sick by doing that” and “This is not the first time I have seen this, several trainers They recommend it”, were some of the comments from the followers.

The dangers of eating raw meat

According to the Mayo Clinic, an expert in health issues, food poisoning is a type of disease that is transmitted by some foods. The causes of the germs can cause stomach upsets, vomiting, diarrhea and, in the worst case, contracting a bacterium.

Some of the preventions are washing food and hands, refrigerating or freezing leftovers, cleaning out the fridge, throwing out food that is moldy or that is several days old, according to the clinic.

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According to experts, it is advisable not to eat meat, chicken, or raw fish.

However, Is it bad to eat raw meat? It is advisable not to eat meat, chicken, or raw fish. The health entity maintains that it is important to verify that they are well cooked to avoid any disease.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Medlineplusfoodborne infection is often caused by eating raw meat, undercooked or from infected animals. Precisely, they clarify that pork must maintain good hygiene and must be cooked so as not to develop any problems in the future.

The dangers of eating raw eggs

As both health entities have argued, eating any food raw is risky. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), eggs contain bacteria called salmonella, a virus that affects the intestinal tract by eating raw food.

In addition, some symptoms are: fever, cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.

Eating raw eggs can be harmful to health.

The best thing to do is always consult a nutritionist for possible eating plans, diagnosis and treatments. In case of presenting any condition, immediately contact your trusted health provider.

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