China Suárez and Lali Esposito maintain one of the longest and most beloved friendships in show business. Both shared cast in Almost angels and also the fascination for Agustín “Cachete” Sierra from a young age.

In an interview with Susana Giménez, when they were teenagers, both were consulted by the diva about what was their first kiss in fiction. They both answered the same thing: “she went at 11 years old with Augustine Sierra“.

“They were at different times, obviously,” clarified the China in an interview with Grego Rosello. He then recounted how the agreement that the two swore was: “We were so in love that we enabled each other to be with him.“.

The pact between China and Lali

we made a pact in which we stated that if someone had the chance to be his girlfriend, she had to take advantage of it. To the first one that gives us a ball … “, she recounted between laughs Suarez.

In the program Fernet with Grego They searched for the archive of the time and shared a sweet video of Lali talking about this situation. “We both like the same guy. It’s all a confusion“, says the popstar about this unconventional love.

Lali Espósito and China Suárez in Casi Ángeles

At first he didn’t give us a ball because he dated bigger girls and fillies. He chose to be with them,” China explained. Until luck changed and “Cachete” chose them. “We were both girlfriends….”, finished.

Lali Espósito’s mother remembered China Suárez

La China opened the question box and responded to her followers who asked her about Lali: “We have been friends since we were 10 years old. I would like to see her more often, but love is intact. She and her family were the house she always wanted to go to.”

The posting of China Suárez

Seeing this Instagram story, Majo RieraLali’s mother, recalled what the singers’ gatherings were like in her childhood: “Ricotta empanadas, movies invented by you and love. Always in my heart China“.

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