Phrase of the week: “If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, that is love. Anything else is torture,” Ra Uru Hu.


Queen of Wands

This week your fire becomes your biggest engine. Your vital energy is high, and your creativity and sexuality can be openly expressed. The panorama clears up and you realize the use you want to make of your time at this moment, what are the dreams that are worth realizing and what are you ready to leave behind. You can enjoy your sensuality without ties and be magnetic without having to hide your power. Share your love, your joy and enthusiasm with others.


Two of Swords

It is a week to think of you and open spaces for rest and contemplation. It is possible that your mind is very active, either because you are still analyzing a situation from the past or because you are projecting your anxieties and insecurities into the future. The Two of Swords invites you to observe your mental mechanisms so that you can change those negative thoughts that are not supporting you. Get out of duality by writing, meditating, or spending time in nature.


Page of Wands

You have come a long way and now is not the time to doubt yourself. Your dreams are coming true and now you are facing new challenges and possible changes of place or routine that are making you nervous. Do not fall into the trap of your ego that makes you believe that you are not ready yet or that you lack experience. Don’t feed those thoughts that make you look small and fill you with fear. Trust in your personal power, cultivate self-love and launch yourself into this new challenge with joy and gratitude. Everything will be fine.


The Popess

The Popess invites you to stop judging your fruits. Many times you do not trust your dreams because you doubt the response of the outside world. You don’t know if things will turn out as you want and if others will receive it as you want. When you doubt, you paralyze the action. This week go very deep. Connect with your inner treasure through silence, writing or meditation and release the burdens that you have placed on your work or your projects. Do your part and release the result.


queen of cups

During this week connect with your feminine energy. Life invites you to be more receptive and to flow with your emotions. This is not the time to analyze with your mind what is happening, it is time to feel and trust. Get rid of your expectations and demands and open yourself to receive what these days they want to give you with gratitude and trust. Also, choose to listen to your heart and share generously with your loved ones. If you need to make decisions, let your intuition guide you.


Ace of spades

It is a week to observe your mental mechanisms and continue the work of changing beliefs. The Ace of Swords reminds you that your thoughts are the only ones that can hurt you. Decide very well what kind of thoughts you are going to cultivate, since some will give you peace and happiness while others will fill you with fear and scarcity. You could write your daily thoughts in a notebook to free the mind. Then review them, question them and change them for more loving ones.


The Nameless Arcane

A very intense week begins that asks you to be totally honest with yourself and with others. It is time to face your fears and resistance and ask yourself if you are really leading the life you want. You love what you do? Are you happy in your relationship? Do you have desires that you have not fulfilled or pains that you have not overcome? The Nameless Arcane reminds you that life must be taken advantage of, it asks you to be brave and act in coherence with your soul. The time has come to change.


Ace of Wands

This week brings new job opportunities or the possibility of starting projects that excite you a lot, but it is key that you focus your energy and maintain your optimism. Remember that planting day is not harvest day, so don’t rush and learn to enjoy the process. Activate your personal power and your inner fire. Enjoy as much as you can, do what you like best, surrender to the energy of eros and allow yourself to be a channel of new information.


Eight of Swords

This arcane presents you with two paths. If you live it from its light, it brings you great power and mental strength, as well as the possibility of manifesting your dreams. Your energy is focused and you can have a deep spiritual connection and joy. But if you are vibrating with the shadow of the Eight of Swords, it is possible that you feel lost, that you believe that you do not have the power to make decisions and that you feel a prisoner of your circumstances. If so, come back to you. Recognize who you are and choose again.


Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles asks you to put your finances in order and start paying off your debts. On the one hand, he assures you that you will lack nothing and that you have the necessary strength to face this moment. On the other, he asks you to change the mental structure with which you have been relating to money. It reminds you that you cannot be attached to it and that your security does not lie in how much you have in the bank. Your security is born from an internal state of your being. Let the money flow and trust your abundance.



The Pope invites you to be coherent and to align your head with your body and your heart. He watches when you say something you don’t really believe or when you keep quiet for fear of making others uncomfortable. It is time to express your truth and share your knowledge. He connects with your intuition and follows the accurate guidance of your heart. You are ready to honor your path and do it your way. It is also a good time to study something new, deepen your spirituality or attend a retreat.


Nine of Cups

Your emotions are your guide. Allow yourself to feel and surrender, without any doubt or resistance, to this moment of deep cleansing and healing. You are releasing burdens, forgiving issues of the past, and opening up to the new. The energy of your body is renewed through a cold or headache to help you in this process. Everything is settling in for your good, so don’t resist and trust. It is possible that your life purpose becomes clearer or stronger during these days.

Lunar phases April 2023

Full moon: thursday 6

last quarter: thursday 13

New Moon: thursday 20

first quarter: thursday 27

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