The actor Thomas Fonzi was a guest on the show Georgina Rosabeard (telefé), and was talking about his next program that will deal with different trips and exotic activities that the young man will do. The actor will “Travel Code“, showing different places in the interior of the country. There are 8 chapterswith sponsor, at midnight on Saturdays.

During the visit, the actor confessed what was the strangest dish he tried during his filming. “We ate everything, we made a roast, empanadas. I entered a locro full of tripe, I have no problems with anything, but the tripe always costs more, and it was great,” the actor began telling the driver.

Then he stressed again, “The truth was incredible, I think the best mondongo I’ve ever tried.” While the actor explained the recipe for a Chicken Curry to Georgina.

Tomás Fonzi recalled his romance with Juana Viale and a role that he lived in Mirtha Legrand’s house

In the past, Thomas Fonzi and Juana Viale they were protagonists of a small love relationship that lasted barely a year between 2003 and 2004. Despite the fact that almost two decades have passed, there are still some memories and on Saturday, after being invited to ph, can we talkthe actor recalled how he met Mirtha Legrand.

The artists met during the filming of the television series Argentine customs, which premiered in January 2003 and had two seasons. Those who saw the novel easily discovered that the relationship between viale and fonzi passed through the cameras. in the program telefethe actor was encouraged to reveal the peculiar anecdote.

In the game in which the participants must step forward if they feel identified with the slogan, Andy Kusnetzoff launched: “those who ever received help from another famous” and fonzi advanced. “Don’t you have an anecdote about an armchair? He fell asleep and someone told him … ”, the driver asked the guest, who added:“ That’s good.

fonzi began by telling an anecdote with Diego Armando Maradona: “It was an attempt to help. It was the summer of 98, I fell into a bowling alley, there by the arches, under a train. And on a table guillote [Coppola] and Diego [Maradona]. guillote He tells me: ‘Kid, you’, and he sat me down between him and Diego. Lots of sweat, I was 5 minutes. No one ever spoke to me.”

However, he later told the true story: “It happened a long time ago, but then I met Mirtha Legrand. There was a meeting at his house. I was there and had worked a lot, it was a long day. He was very puppyish too, the liver was… I drank two and a half whiskeys and passed out. I lay down on the couch and fell asleep. I woke up to the morning frost.” Astonished, the other guests and the driver asked: “But, did nobody notice that you were there, in the chair?”

Finally, Thomas recounted: “There was a moment when Mrs. [Mirtha Legrand] and he did that to me with his finger [señalando en el brazo]and he said to me ‘sir fonziSir fonzi‘. She tried to bring me to life. And I gathered my duffel bags and left”.

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