Toto Kirzner is starring in “let’s vote”the new work produced by his father Adrian Suar at the Metropolitan Theatre, and revealed what it’s like to work alongside him. “It no longer generates pressure, not at this point”, confessed the young actor.

“I’m very young, but I started a while ago and today he’s just another producer. In fact, It gives me that confidence and peace of mind that he asked me if I would like to work with him, naturally, and I agreed.“he added later.

On this occasion, in let’s votethe actor plays a young tenant who is facing a consortium debate over accepting or not allowing a young man with mental health problems to move into the building.

Tomás Kirzner during his interview for PEOPLE. Photo: Joaquin Urrutia

Humor is the toll for us to deal with certain issues. If the work is not very crude: you are talking about someone’s mental health!!” Added Toto in dialogue with PEOPLE. “It’s kind of Waiting for the carriage. It has a gross, exacerbated, comical and half-yelling code that at the same time talks about something hard.”

“I received this proposal from my father (series). My old man met me and said ‘I would like to work with you this year. Would you get it? Do you want?’, and I answered: ‘Yes, stupid, obviously’. They are experiences that when I am very adult and he is no longer there I will say ‘well, with my old man in life I did these things and I liked it,’ “he concluded.

Toto Kirzner spoke about the proposal he received from Nico Occhiato to join LUZU

Tomás Kirzner is multifaceted and super creative. A few years ago, he had his own radio show on Radio y Punto and today he confirms that he will soon launch as a streamer. “I’m going to streamer on my own, something very experimental. I work with Bullmedia, an artistic representation and marketing agency that also manages my networks. We did this project with them, we’ve been brainstorming it. The idea is to light twice a week. It amuses me. The times that I approached the stream I was very well received. I am eager to generate a community”, he affirmed, in dialogue with PEOPLE.

Toto Kirzner was a guest on Duquesas on LUZU TV.

When asked if he had received proposals to join a streaming platform, Toto spoke of his approach to Nico Occhiato, who today leads the LUZU TV grid. “At the time I spoke with Nico Occhiato (LUZU), but I had my artistic work things on one side and I also wanted to do it alone,” he said.

Then he concluded: “Well, I am accompanied by the Bullmedia team, but I prefer to be alone, not have a radio format. I want to do IRL (In real life), which is the most traditional streaming format, as Luquitas Rodríguez does, al that I love, who is also a friend. He advised me to “do it!”.

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