In the last few hours, the case of a 23-year-old girl has been revealed who, after returning from her dream trip to celebrate graduating from university, he died suddenly and left his family devastated.

This is Bella Fidler, who traveled to Bali, Indonesia, to celebrate the end of her law degree, but when he returned to his home country, Australia, he thought he had covid or flu, but in reality it was something else.

While she was away, the young woman did not suffer from any illness, but a few days after returning home she began to feel bad. Bella herself presented herself at a hospital on Australia’s Gold Coast, but she showed signs of being “gravely ill” and suffered a seizure, ‘The Mirror’ reported.

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Bella showed up at a hospital on Australia’s Gold Coast because she suffered a seizure.

The doctors, after doing different tests, realized that he had “bacterial meningitis.”

“In a matter of hours, our lives were turned upside down by the devastating news that Bella had suffered extensive brain damage and was not expected to survive.” expressed their parents, Blair and Jodie, in a statement that was published in the local media.

According to the previously mentioned medium, Bella had been vaccinated during her high school course, although the specific strain of the disease she contracted was not within the Australian immunization program.

His death could have been prevented

We later learned that the national immunization schedule does not include the deadly meningococcal B strain. His death could have been prevented,” said his relatives.

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They added: “Bella embodied the joy of life and we feel so blessed that she was able to have so many wonderful experiences and adventures during her short time here on earth.”

Meningitis is infection and inflammation of the fluid and membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord.

What is bacterial meningitis?

According to the Mayo Clinic portal, meningitis is infection and inflammation of the fluid and membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. These membranes are called meninges. This inflammation causes symptoms such as headache, fever, and stiff neck.

On the other hand“meningococcemia can kill 10 to 15 people out of 100 who are infected. And of those who survive, out of 100, approximately 10 to 20 will suffer disabilities such as hearing loss, brain damage, kidney damage, loss of function of the extremities, nervous system problems, or severe scarring from the grafts,” according to MedlinePlus.


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