Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly. Through that book Benjamin Vicuna pays tribute to the little girl who died in 2012 at the age of six in the hands of a bacterium in Mexico and died of hemorrhagic pneumonia, after being hospitalized in Chile.

“This book is a tribute to my daughter and an overflowing and honest expression of the experience that I had to live. A tragedy that struck me like lightning and left me empty. It took me years to assimilate it and somehow I’m still going through the desert, but I kept on living,” said the Chilean actor when introducing him.

In this way, the Chilean artist ended up revealing that this tragedy that the family experienced ended up being a before and after in their lives. Beyond all the pain that the loss entailed, This also meant the end of his relationship with the Argentine top model.

“In these pages I talk about my girl and my sorrows. Also about the tools that helped me to light up dark nights. I hope they can be of use to someone. That those who are going through a loss, suffering or accompanying a duelmay they find some relief and hope. A small light in the middle of the ocean when we can’t see the shore,” Vicuña said.

For its part, in the prologue, there is the word of Gabriel Rolon, the renowned psychologist who offered a few words about these types of situations that are so difficult to overcome: “Grief is a challenge that we have to face in order not to die with what we have lost. It is the attempt to put words to a mute pain that hurts.”

Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly.

“That’s why I celebrate the arrival of Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly. Because here are those words that perhaps Benjamin needed to live despite the death of his daughter. That daughter that no one, not even death, will be able to take away from her memory,” she closed.

Benjamín Vicuña spoke of the break between China Suárez and Rusherking

With much respect and respect, Vicuña admitted that he spoke with the actress just when the separation had just been announced. Although he did not want to give many details, his words showed that good vibes prevail in the bond.

I spoke because she is the mother of my children”, he pointed out bluntly. However, when the chronicler tried to pull his tongue, he chose to remove himself from the position of advisor and appealed to a solemn response: “I can’t get into that. It is his life, his intimacy. I have no right. I can’t comment.”

Far from joining the reconciliation rumors, he stopped the car from the press: “Many things were discussed… I understand entertainment programs, business, but sometimes it’s important to stop”.

Although his reaction drew attention and sparked new rumors, his words are in line with the relationship they were able to build together in recent times as an ex-partner. When was the scandal wandagate, her reaction had been the complete opposite of sympathetic. However, He did not hesitate to jump to defend her when a carnage of her name had been set up in the media.

In addition, the actor said he was single, “copadísimo” with work and enjoying with his children. “I don’t see much of a place for love,” she admitted.

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