How to eat healthy, and not go hungry, in summer to maintain weight without suffering or having energy drops? Because this will also be the key to not end up bloating ourselves with unhealthy sweet or salty. And what of suffering to be beautiful, is neither carried nor is it effective. Eating well and in moderation is the key, we know it, but we also want to know what foods are especially recommended in summer, what to eat for breakfast to lose weight and not feel hungry right away, how can we prepare appetizing and light snacks between meals… To find out all this, we have spoken with an expert from aesthetic centers carmen navarro.

    Food to lose weight in summer

    Healthy breakfasts that don’t get fat

    How to start the day? “In the morning we need to wake up, and for that there is nothing better than giving our body good energy,” he says Magda Pérez, Beauty Coach of Carmen Navarro. According to this expert, there are foods that help us maintain sugar level throughout the day, such as almonds -one of those nuts that do a lot for your skin, your health and your diet-, which also provide protein and minerals. “I love to include a kiwi daily during breakfast for fiber intake; in summer I replace it with mango, very refreshing and loaded with vitamins”, he tells us. And as Magda Pérez says, if we want to avoid having slumps (and sweet temptations!) during the day It is essential to also add whole grains to breakfast (a toast accompanied by avocado and fresh cheese…). Guaranteed energy and calcium!

    psst. If you want to know more foods with a good fiber intake, here is a selection of 30 foods with fiber to include in your diet.

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    healthy snack

    As nutritionists are clear, to maintain weight you have to eat and not let too many hours go by between intake and intake so as not to suffer glucose spikes that take us directly to the fridge. That’s why, at mid-morning Magda Pérez recommends eating a piece of fruit such as a peach, “which has carotenes and antioxidants, which help us against free radicals and protect your skin and hair.” “Just by eating one a day we get a significant part of the antioxidant vitamin C we need,” she adds.

    “If you are one of those who also need keep compulsive eating anxiety at bay, your fruit is the banana because it keeps potassium “up” and its satiating effect prevents you from falling into unhealthy temptations”, says Carmen Navarro’s beauty coach. “In addition, it is the fruit of the smile because it is one of the main sources of tryptophan, which helps us keep our spirits up and recover the energy that we are losing throughout the morning.” Finally, if you are one of those who destroys the fridge when leaving work or when you are nervous.

    A tip for a healthy snack?

    “If you combine foods rich in vitamin C (kiwi, mango, strawberries…) while you drink others containing iron (legumes, fish…), you ensure good iron absorption and also avoid the formation of edema and the dimples of orange peel if what you are concerned about is fighting cellulite”, Magda tells us. “We love to remember the double function that these foods fulfill: they keep us healthy inside but also on the outside. And it will also be good for you to incorporate diuretic foods to prevent fluid retentionlike asparagus.

    And in the afternoon? Carmen Navarro’s expert recommends blueberries -one of the 18 best fruits to lose weight and deflate-, “which provide nutrients, take care of your cardiovascular health and are rich in antioxidants… a more than healthy snack”. “As an alternative and thinking about the hot days that are to come, don’t leave out the watermelon, it not only hydrates us but also provides us with potassium and vitamin C”, point. Magda offers us a fun recipe with watermelon: a jelly! “You only have to crush a part, add some chopped slices, a sheet of gelatin and a little fresh mint. Put it in small containers in the fridge and you will have a rich and refreshing snack.

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    Light and healthy dinners

    You already know that healthy and light dinners are key to maintaining weight and sleeping well! And in summer we go outside a lot, so you have to be especially careful. Carmen Navarro’s expert recommends some key foods at dinner time:


    “In addition to continuing to provide us with minerals and vitamins (vitamins C, A and K, iron and potassium) it is a natural antioxidant, especially due to the lycopene it contains. It is better absorbed if we cook it, but in summer we feel more like eating it fresh.”


    “They provide few calories, are very nutritious and help us in the digestive process. Also, your liver will thank you because they help in its nightly detoxification process. Without a doubt, they are among the favorites of low-calorie dinners.

    cooked vegetables

    “They help in the digestive process. And better accompanied by fish than meat because of the fatty acids that come so well to our body”.

    Turkey or chicken, or eggs in an omelet

    “They are also a light dinner with necessary proteins and nutrients.”

    psst. As Magda tells us, there are some foods and drinks that especially help us keep weight at bay. “For example, green tea, which contains an antioxidant polyphenol that especially combats white fat that accumulates in the abdomen. Also chili, for its capsaicin, which helps our metabolism to burn fat. Or turkey for its high content of vitamin B12, a fat-burning vitamin that we can also find in eggs or fish”.

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    Healthy snacks to snack between meals

    We know, sometimes a piece of fruit is not enough to relieve hunger between meals, that is why we have asked the beauty coach of Carmen Navarro to give us some more ideas for a healthy snack. Chop without sinning:

    – Raw red pepper cut into strips. “It is rich in antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, provitamin A and carotenoids such as capsanthin, which are very beneficial for health by blocking the damaging effect of free radicals. It also helps us keep cholesterol at bay. And its combination of vitamin B6 and magnesium reduces anxiety and insomnia. Also, vitamin B6 is a natural diuretic. It will satisfy your appetite while you take care of yourself.”

    – Gherkins, chives and other pickles. “Low in calories, they make great snacks. They barely provide 14 calories per 100 grams, but they have great satiating power and are rich in vitamin C and fiber”.

    – Vegetable chips. “Carrot, eggplant, sweet potato… The vegetable chips, cut very thin, must be toasted, not fried. 10 units provide 100 calories and take away the feeling of hunger and anxiety”. Today you can find healthy bag snacks based on them.

    – Cherry tomatoes. “It is a delicious option to incorporate antioxidants into your body with a sweet touch, ideal for those with a sweet tooth and rich in vitamin C and lycopene. In addition to delaying the signs of aging, it keeps your cholesterol at bay.

    – Laminated apple. “Slice a very thin apple, add cinnamon powder and bake it. It’s a great snack to take to the office.”

    – Pear with seeds and grated coconut. “Not only is it delicious but it is really a very healthy and easy to prepare snack. They contain iron, potassium, manganese, and magnesium, along with B vitamins such as folates, riboflavin, and pyridine (vitamin B6). Without fat and with a high fiber content.

    Flee from the accused. The beauty coach by Carmen Navarro highlights the importance of staying away from processed foods, even if their labels carry slogans such as “low fat or 0 sugar”. “These types of foods contain refined carbohydrates and sugars, which have been scientifically linked to acne and premature aging.” “Besides, junk food does not provide us with the fiber we need and slows digestion“, Add. As this expert emphasizes, “the best option to maintain intestinal balance are whole foods with a low or medium glycemic index, such as oats, rice, green leafy vegetables, quinoa, sweet potatoes or asparagus.”

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    How to lose weight in summer: What if I have had some treatment?

    Is it more important to take care of your diet after undergoing some type of express treatment, for example anti-cellulite or remodeling? “Indeed, the key combination is exercise, a healthy diet and cabin treatment. And to everything add discipline. If we are also looking for solutions for cellulite or we want to reduce and reshape, the diet of course helps us”, says Magda.

    In case of doing any aesthetic treatment against cellulite, the expert recommends incorporating infusions, that will help you drink more fluids and “better if you reduce the number of coffees a day to avoid dehydration caused by caffeine and get rid of toxins, which contribute to storing fat.” “Among fruits, take a banana to prevent fluid retention thanks to its high potassium content. Watermelon, thistle, spinach also contain it… It also incorporates foods rich in flavonoids such as blueberries, strawberries and oranges. to improve blood function. You can even get it by taking a piece of dark chocolate. In this way you will be helping your anti-cellulite treatment to work”.

    “If it’s a treatment in which we seek to reduce and remodel foods that contain capsaicin, such as chili, help us, because we will be increasing body temperature and burning fat”, points out Magda Pérez. “And if you incorporate proteins like egg or lentil vegetables, instead of fat our body can more easily generate muscle mass,” she adds.

    Carmen Navarro’s expert places special emphasis on herbal teas, “which help you to work on that localized fat that is so difficult to eliminate.” “If you make an infusion with honey and cinnamon (better if you take it at the beginning and at the end of the day) You will also notice its reducing effect, especially in fat located in the abdomen. We managed to speed up the metabolism and burn fat more quickly.”

    Tricks to subtract calories

    We already know that to be in our weight what works best is to eat well. But, Is there any trick that helps us a little to eat fewer calories or burn them? Magda Pérez’s recommendation is, first, “try to not get bored with food because you will end up falling into unhealthy temptations”. This beauty coach gives us some ideas to make our meals a little more appetizing and fun:

    – Take pure dark chocolate rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins and proteins.

    – Prepare a beetroot juice: it will improve your physical performance and you will get your muscles to oxygenate better.

    – A handful of nuts in your salads provides vitality, antioxidants and is a source of protein and fiber. An example is the tomato salad with pine nuts and shallots.