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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss was forced to scrap her entire economic strategy this afternoon, facing a humiliating clash between her leadership at stake and Labor leader Kiel Sturmer. .

She is the first major opposition leader to ask the prime minister’s question since her new prime minister, Jeremy Hunt, broke her plan to cut taxes and increase public borrowing to reassure markets following the mini-budget turmoil. Confront with

Inflation returned to double digits, rising from 9.9% to 10.1% in September.
In August, the National Bureau of Statistics said:

The prime minister faces unrest from Tory MPs over plans to cut public spending across all sectors.

Mr Hunt has warned of a “glaringly difficult” decision to fill the government’s multi-billion pound financial black hole.

He’s considering deferring the cap on how much people pay for care in old age by a year, The Times reported.

A Treasury Ministry source did not deny that the policy could be delayed, pointing out that the prime minister’s statement “has not considered anything.”

Downing Street’s acknowledgment that Truss may abandon a key manifesto pledge to raise public pensions in line with inflation sparked a rapid backlash.

Ahead of the prime minister’s fiscal plan on Oct. 31, her official spokesperson said, “We have not made any commitments on individual policy areas.”

Analysis – Prime Minister Liz Truss more likely to survive a week

Conservative back-venture Maria Caulfield says ‘I’m not going to vote to end the triple lock on pensions’, former minister Steve Double joins her saying ‘neither am I’ .

Former Labor and Pensions Secretary Steven Crabb told The Telegraph that “this is not the time to consider abandoning the triple lock”, adding that “preserving the value of public pensions during a cost of living crisis”. is essential,” he said.

However, the prime minister repeated his pledge to increase defense spending, but the defense minister publicly threatened to resign if that promise was broken.

She said she kept her promise during a meeting with Tory MPs from the European Studies Group (ERG).

Jeremy Hunt is widely seen as effectively controlling

ERG President Marc François described last night’s meeting as “positive” and said, “I am pleased to hear that she made a clear commitment to spend 3% of GDP on defense by the end of the decade.

According to a deputy spokesperson, Truss also told the group that it was “painful” to stop the tax cut program and that it was stopped “because it had to be done.”

After Truss later hosted a reception in Downing Street that attracted Tory back-ventures, one of the attendees said her position remained “precarious”.

Clacton MP Giles Watling told BBC Newsnight: “Of course it’s unstable. She knows it. We know it.”

Former cabinet minister Michael Gove said it was only a matter of time before Mr Truss was expelled and warned Britons that they expected “a great deal of suffering in the next two months”.

When asked at a closed-door event yesterday whether it no longer matters whether Truss goes, Gove agreed it was “absolutely right,” The Guardian reported.

But Wales Secretary Robert Buckland has warned colleagues considering removing Mr Truss to “be careful what you want”.

“The more Conservatives change leadership, the stronger the case for a general election,” the minister told BBC Newsnight.

“I say to my colleagues, be careful what you want. Early elections do no good for anyone, especially neither for the Conservative Party, nor for the country.”

Mr Hunt was widely seen as ruling effectively, and a meeting with Graham Brady, chairman of the powerful Backventure Commission in 1922, raised further questions about the prime minister’s future. Probability is high.

Treasury sources say this was a briefing before Mr Hunt attended in 1922, but Mr Truss’ precarious position as prime minister likely emerged.

Despite being forced to abandon the economic platform that led to his election as party leader, one of the reasons Truss has remained in office is the lack of a clear successor.

Conservative MPs are reluctant to hold another leadership election involving party members, which could take months and further damage the party.

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Truss faces commons questions as pressure mounts –

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