The violence of the brave barsexacerbated in recent weeks in Colombian soccer, has generated a whole national debate regarding the possible formulas to combat riots in the country’s stadiums.

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Cases of National Athletic, last Sunday with the invasion of the Los del Sur bar, and then it happened in Manizales with the Once Caldas bar, they have the authorities and the soccer leadership on alert.

America’s proposal

This is how the stadium was left after the excesses of Los Del Sur

Tulio Gomezmaximum owner of América de Cali, showed his support for Nacional from the beginning, which was affected by cutting the relationship of benefits with the bar and will now pay a penalty in the square, in addition to having to sit down and seek agreements so that the mayor’s office re-render the stage.

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Gómez sent a proposal to the Dimayorfor it to be studied.

“This is the time to ride an integral system of access and security in the stadiums”Tulio says in his message.

Tulio Gómez, top shareholder of America.

His proposal, known by EL TIEMPO, consists of four points.
1. All attendees must enter the stadium with the # of citizenship card.

2. The first time and for the only time that the spectator enters the stadium, a photo is taken and the data is attached, so that when the camera focuses on it, the identification of the individual appears.

3. Install high-definition security cameras and facial recognition, zoom, etc.

4. Metal detectors at the turnstiles.

Tulio clarifies that in his proposal the resources that are needed must be assumed by the clubs or by the mayors.

“With these technological tools we can make offenders visible and punish them by prohibiting them from entering all the stadiums in Colombia and if the crime is very serious, report it so that they pay jail time,” says Tulio.

Once these objectives have been achieved, DIMAYOR must penalize the offenders and not the clubs that are the victims in this case

“Once these objectives have been achieved, DIMAYOR must penalize the offenders and not the clubs that are the victims in this case,” he adds.

Finally, in his proposal he clarifies that entry to visiting bars should be prohibited.

“Big teams should not allow the visitor’s bar to enter. And those teams that do not have a lot of fans that allow the visitor’s bar to enter must assume the risks and sanctions if violence is generated. The visiting team should not be responsible for security of the Stadium”.

Editor of EL TIEMPO