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This year brings all-new drinks, snacks, and goods!

Last year, Tully’s Coffee Japan had a limited-time collaboration with the Harry Potter franchise that included a Treacle Tart drink, platform 9 3/4’s-themed goods, and more. Fans loved it so much that Tully’s is bringing back the Harry Potter “Magical Coffee Time” collaboration starting October 28, 2022.

▼ Here are the drinks: a coffee-based drink (left) and a tea-based drink (right).

This year, the collaboration’s drinks are the Harry Potter Mince Pie Latte and the Harry Potter Mince Pie Milk Tea. The latte is a vanilla café latte base that’s flavored with dried fruits and spices. It’s topped with whipped cream and a star-shaped cookie to mimic the look of a traditional mince pie.

The Mince Pie Milk Tea is a milk tea base with chai spice topping, and it also includes a star-shaped cookie. Both drinks are 695 yen (US$4.67) each.

▼ You can also purchase a Hedwig Coffee Sleeve for an additional 700 yen!

With the purchase of each drink, you’ll also receive a different Hogwarts House sticker depending on the date of purchase. Ravenclaw is between October 28 and November 3, Slytherin is between November 4 and November 10, Hufflepuff is between November 11 and November 17, and Gryffindor is between November 18 and November 24.

The collaboration also includes food items inspired by characters and events in the Harry Potter series.

▼ Aunt Petunia’s Pudding Roll Cake (525 yen)

As the name implies, this roll cake is inspired by Aunt Petunia. Its pastel green and purple colors make it a vibrant snack, and it’s topped with cherries for a fruity kick.

▼ English Strawberry Jam Doughnut (365 yen)

There’s a little bit of sweet and a little bit of sour in these traditional doughnuts. They’re simple, but they’re crowd pleasers.

▼ Chocolate Cupcake (370 yen)

These sweet treats go great with tea or coffee. They’re also topped with chocolate cream and sprinkles.

▼ English Shepherd’s Pie (360 yen)

Shepherd’s pie in a Danish form? Only at Tully’s Japan. These are great if you want something slightly more substantial than a snack with your drink.

▼ Hedwig Popup Cookies (775 yen for 10 cookies)

These cookies are white chocolate-flavored and feature Hogwarts House emblems, popular characters, and Harry Potter locations. Each box comes with a limited edition sticker, too.

And of course, there’s merch! This year, it’s largely based on the four Hogwarts houses with a shoutout to some popular characters here and there.

▼ Here’s the lineup, in order.

1. Reversible Necktie Scarf (Gryffindor and Ravenclaw) – 2,400 yen
2. Reversible Necktie Scarf (Slytherin and Hufflepuff) – 2,400 yen
3. Bearful Quidditch (Gryffindor) – 3,500 yen
4. Bearful Quidditch (Slytherin) – 3,500 yen
5. Bearful Quidditch (Hufflepuff) – 3,500 yen
6. Bearful Quidditch (Ravenclaw) – 3,500 yen
7. Robe Blanket – 3,850 yen
8. Stainless Steel Bottle With Cup (Dobby) – 3,950 yen
9. Two-Tone Mug (Dobby) – 2,500 yen
10. Holiday Magic Blend Canister (Hogwarts) – 3,000 yen for 150 grams
11. Bearful Sorting Hat Snow Globe – 2,350 yen
12. Storm Glass (Harry Potter) – 2,970 yen
13. Clear Silicone Coaster (Hogwarts) – 600 yen
14. Stainless Steel Bottle (Quidditch) – 3,300 yen
15. Two-Tone Mug (Quidditch) – 2,500 yen
16. Zips Single Serve Slide Pouch, Holiday Magic Blend (Hogwarts Acceptance Letter) – 1,300 yen for 4 servings

All of the merch listed above is available for preorder from October 17 to October 27 by visiting a nearby Tully’s and receiving a reservation ticket in exchange; just keep in mind you can only reserve one of each item per person! You’ll then be able to exchange your reservation tickets for your merch between October 28 and October 31–your reservations will be canceled past this date, so make sure you can pick them up in time.

Whether you pick up or buy at least one collaboration goods item in person between October 28 and October 31, you’ll also receive a Hedwig sticker as part of Tully’s Halloween Event.

▼ There’s even more to love on the online shop.

And if Apparating to a Tully’s branch isn’t in your near-future plans, a portion of the lineup will also be available through the chain’s online store starting October 29.

Sources and images: PR Times
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Tully’s Coffee Japan is bringing back Harry Potter collaboration by popular demand

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