Sad are the announcers of the Tropicana station and other stations in the country with the sudden news of the death of the announcer ‘Tuto’ Camargo, who died on the morning of this Wednesday, July 12 in the city of Valledupar, César.

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So far it is known that died from a pulmonary thrombusfor which he was in an induced coma in a city clinic.

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Camargo is recognized nationally and in the world of radio for being one of the pioneers of traditional December games, popularly known as ‘Christmas bonuses’.

The announcer was very loved by the Tropicana audience, so after hearing the news of his death, the work team decided to pay tribute to him.

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The announcer was based in Valledupar.

In the middle of the special, the journalist from Caracol Radio and Tropicana, Vicente Moros, indicated that he had a conversation with ‘Tuto’ Camargo last Monday, July 10, around half past nine at night.

“I spoke to him last Monday at about 9:30 at night and he told me ‘I’m here in the emergency room, I feel bad, I have chills. Tomorrow I keep working’, He was obsessed with his work and was very aware of his stations,” Moros said.

Also, Vicente Moros told that he advised Camargo to travel to Bogotá, in order to receive specialized medical attentionHowever, due to his health condition, he could not travel and died suddenly in the capital of the department of César.

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Moros shared a photograph with his friend on his social networks, lamenting the early death, indicating that he lost his soul mate ‘Tuto’ Camargo, he also added: “They say that whoever has a friend has a jewel. God gave me a great friend for many years and today he sadly left to make radio and bonuses to heaven. I will miss you my dear friend”.

The other announcers who participated in the special to ‘Tuto’ Camargo, indicated details of his sudden death, assuring: “He caught an infection through one of the wounds on his body, it was a very quick death.”

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