The most common way to search for lost or stray animals is to put up posters and stick them on the street. so that anyone who identifies it calls its respective owner and contributes to the search and rescue. Unfortunately, the animals are almost never found.

Well, on this occasion, a cat was able to return to its home in an exceptional way and His story has caused a stir on social networks..

The advertisement, which was hooked to a tree, located in the Ranero sector in Murcia, Spain, read as follows: “Cat lost in the Ranero. Named Nelson.”

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It was the tweeter @Bamfo! the Ninth who divulged the peculiar way in which he found the catwhich was very close to one of the notices that had been posted.

“I’m having an apocalyptic day in an apocalyptic month and a half, so I’m going to tell you something wonderful: today my sister found a lost cat while looking at her own ‘Wanted’ poster,” explained the network user. social.

This publication has had more than 2.3 million views on Twitter, 80,000 ‘likes’, 7,000 retweets and 433 comments.

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These were some of the comments that highlight the fact that I found the feline: “the cat looking at the sign and thinking “I’ll go and look around to see if I see it”, “most likely the cat has smelled its owner’s smell in the tree, that’s why the cat stayed there”, “wonderful that the cat has found its home” and hundreds of comments that highlight the positive aspects of having found the pet.

In his later story, The tweeter was able to find the person in charge of the cat, whom he contacted through a phone call thanks to the number he had put on the ‘Wanted’ sign. The woman went to the place and they gave it to her, allowing her to return to her home.

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