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There are more difficult days in Bahmut than others, but no days are easy in this devastated city.

Once home to 100,000 people, it is now a military target for the Russian army and a gateway to the major industrial cities of the east. Ukraine.

But the city is a major obstacle for Russian generals who are attacking the neighborhood with rockets and artillery shells.

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Members of the city’s ambulance service are dealing with the casualties caused by this and we followed them to the outskirts of Bakhmut, a few kilometers from the front lines.

Paramedics found the woman lying on the side of the road with a cloud of smoke billowing behind her.

Her chest was bleeding and the tips of her shoes were torn off.

“Lift my leg,” she yelled, calling out to her partner.

“Wait a minute, Lima, I’ll help you,” he replied.

“Explosives hit and shook the earth – I dove for cover”

The area, like many other areas of Bakhmut, had been intensively shelled by Russian forces, and as the crew began treating patients, another air raid began.

A series of rhythmic blasts were heard, increasing the intensity of the sound. When the explosives hit the ground, the ground shook, and phosphorus-like smoke rose into the air.

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I dove behind a brick wall to hide while my colleague Ronnie Dewhurst filmed the ambulance crew.

In his footage, paramedics can be seen pausing and spreading on the ground as the strike approaches. However, they did not leave the wounded woman – and immediately returned to her side.

He left the scene to seek safety from the attack, but returned to the city’s unassuming ambulance station later in the day.

“It’s serious – her hip was inverted.”

We found one of the attendants called Vlad who treated the woman and he told us that Rimma was in bad shape.

“It’s serious. It’s her head, her leg, a misaligned fracture. Her hip was upside down. (It’s) not good.”

“What did you see, what did you hear?” I asked.

“I was concentrating on the woman, but it exploded. I started bandaging her. The explosion started, everyone hid, but luckily I had time to start bandaging and I finished it in the car,” Vlad replied.

Vlad was one of the emergency responders
Vlad was one of the emergency responders

“I gave her painkillers. Despite the shelling, we did everything we could to tell the truth.”

“You didn’t run away when the rocket came, you stayed with her,” I said.

“If not me, who? It’s very easy. Someone has to do it,” he replied.

The city was ravaged, sliced ​​and battered in less than a month of ferocious fighting. Residential areas were punctured by artillery shells and streets were punctured by missile craters.

But no matter how the front lines change, there are people in Bahmut who want to save the city.

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Ukrainian War: Paramedics treat a woman with a battered Bahmut during a heavy air raid. World news –

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