Valentina Zenere She is one of the Argentine actresses who works the most in Spain and, in fact, the former “disney girl” It is part of Elitethe super popular series of Netflix in which he puts himself in the skin of Isadora. In the last hours, the artist visited the popular Spanish program “the anthill” and revealed secrets of his present.

One of the issues that he touched on – and generated the most controversy – is that he revealed that, in the sixth season, he had to put his body in several sex scenes. In fact, the character of valentine He ended up being the victim of a gang rape in season five and, of course, his character is going through a traumatic time.

During the recording of the sixth season, I did get emotionally charged. I feel responsible, because I believe that I am the face and the voice of many others. But I like to open a debate“, explained Valentina Zenere. “In this season, Isadora going through post traumatic stress. It’s been hard on everyone, not just me.“, he added.

Valentina Zenere talked about the differences between Disney and Elite

Valentina Zenere in the Elite series

Paul Motorcycles, the host of “El Hormiguero”, asked her what it meant to her to film that strong scene, much more considering that she is an actress who comes from Disney. “In Disney, if you see a part of your bra in a scene, they cut the sequence. They don’t leave you tongue in the kiss, they don’t leave you anything… And suddenly the script arrives and the sex scene was in the third chapter in four in a limousine. And I’m okay, how do I deal with this. I get drunk“, he declared.

Then, the artist spoke of the figure of ‘intimacy coach‘ on set: “He is a person who agrees between you and the director how everything is going to be, what are your limits, what things you do want, what things you don’t want to be seen… You establish your limits and then you communicate it to the director. Then we have an essay in which the entire sequence is considered and everything is taken care of. What we want and what the director wants“, said.

It’s a very cool role“He assured and later revealed a detail that shocked the driver. “It is always tried that when these sequences are recorded it is with a small team and everything is very careful. For example, they put an inflatable ball on us to avoid touching our private parts, like silicone. Everything is super careful“, stressed Valentina Zenere.

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