Vanessa Navarro, better known as ‘The Queen of Telesales’, became famous in several Latin American countries for selling household and skin care products on television. TO any time of the day his face appeared on the screens to promote all kinds of supplies for personal well-being.

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She was born in Bucaramanga in 1972, she is the sister of three men (Mauricio, Sergio and Juan Pablo), daughter of an absent father and a mother, Stella Duranwho was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged corruption network in Invima in 2018. However, this problem did not affect her and her companies continued their normal course.

Navarro achieved the affection of millions of viewers, who fervently believed in his slimming and cosmetic products, because he never wanted to show off magazine models in his programs, but with real cases of people who trusted his work and managed to improve their quality of life with his advice.

“You have an image of yourself and you want it to be one way, but when you see yourself, you see your flaccidity, your cellulite and your overweight and those things shock you, and that in the mind of the buyer what it does is that they do not want to buy. That is to say, you feel so bad with what you see (supermodels), that you leave”; he told Julián Isaza, a journalist for EL TIEMPO, in 2013.

Recently, the Santanderean returned to the attention of the media for reporting that she is suffering from a serious autoimmune disease: skin cancer.

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Navarro faces the disease

A few days ago the news broke that the presenter suffered from skin cancer. According to her, she commented on the program ‘I know everything, on Canal Uno’, they informed him of the diagnosis in the middle of a corporate meeting with some partners of their companies.


Instagram: @vanessanavarrotv

“I remember that I was on a zoom with the people from my company, I answer and they tell me: ‘We have the results. Yes, it came back positive, you have cancer skin,’” he reported.

“That shocks you too much when they tell you. I never went through a psychological process to deal with this kind of thing,” added the businesswoman, who also reported that It’s been a two year process fighting cancer diseases.

Likewise, he told the journalists of the program that although he was able to recover once, small tumors reappeared that set off their alarms. Two biopsies showed her that her health was once again at risk.

He says that most likely tanning beds to which he underwent several years ago were responsible for the fact that today his skin is suffering the consequences.

“I started going to tanning beds. That was exactly in 2000. During that year I could have gone 15 or 20 times, I forget about it and never went to tanning beds again, I lose that desire to be golden . I become very aware of the damage that the sun does and I begin to take care of myself“, said.

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“In the end my recommendation is that they think long before exposing themselves to tanning rooms (especially my younger followers because they have a life ahead of them and they think that this will not happen to them), and that they protect themselves a lot with sunscreen at all times,” he said.

On the other hand, on his social networks he left an emotional message with which he hopes to raise awareness among his digital community so that they begin to take better care of their health and go for constant medical check-ups to avoid setbacks.

“Sometimes we think that statistics only apply to other people, that 3% or 10% or 20% probability almost never includes yourself (I’m speaking for myself) and then you realize that if it is likely that you are part of that percentage,” he wrote.

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