The driver Veronica Lozano He shared a post for his dog through his social networks Chopper, who died at the age of eleven. In the publication you can see some photos and videos where it appears Chopperaccompanying them at different times in the life of each of the family members, including when Lush he must have been in a wheelchair after having an accident in the United States.

“My blond surfer, several days have passed since your departure, it is difficult for me to write to you, you have left a large and hairy void,” he began writing Lush. “Your smell of a wet dog is missing, a great swimmer of all seasons. Your loud barking when you came from the canal, your loving hand asking for affection and hydrates,” she continued, in a very emotional letter through her instagram staff.

Farewell letter from Vero Lozano.  Photo screenshot.
Farewell letter from Vero Lozano. Photo screenshot.

Then the driver Cut by Lozano He continued: “Antony and Corchi hug you tenderly. Here I am with the little hair that I cut and treasure.” To close, Lozano moved his followers by recounting an action he takes to remember the pet “I imagine you in dog heaven wagging your tail and looking for a cloud full of water. I love you. Thank you for these 11 years of unconditional love. I smell your necklace to have you a while longer. Chopper 2012 – 2023”.

Vero Lozano and her dog.  Photo screenshot.
Vero Lozano and her dog. Photo screenshot.

Vero Lozano remembered her mother and moved her followers

The driver, Vero Lozano He dedicated an emotional post to his mother, whom he always remembers, but especially in the most difficult moments that he has to go through. But on this occasion, the memory of his mother was accompanied by a celebration, since Lozano commemorated the day his mother had his birthday.

The host does not forget these dates and she made it known with the warm message, but also with a photo in which the resemblance in the features drew attention. “MMom, yesterday was your birthday.” started and added: “I always miss you. You are in me, in Antony in Piru, in my dogs and plants. In the dances and the kisses to the bread before throwing it away”.

Posting of Vero Lozano in their networks.  Photo screenshot
Posting of Vero Lozano in their networks. Photo screenshot

It should be noted that more than a year has passed since the driver had a tragic accident when she fell from a chairlift in Aspen, and still recovering from the consequences of the fall, Lush expressed during a radio interview with Catherine Dlugi. “I was scared and I thought of my daughter. I was afraid that the same thing would happen to me as to my mother,” she admitted, remembering that her mother had been ill since she was seven years old.

Affected by rheumatoid arthritis from a very young age, Lush She says that she remembered her being sick, with injections kept in the fridge and the pain always present. She herself acknowledged that she remembered her mother after the accident, and she feared that she would end up with a chronic illness like the one she had suffered.

During that period – from 7 to 23 years old – she became his nurse, his caretaker, his comedian to be able to steal a smile from him and ease his pain. A childhood linked to that, nothing easy. And later, Vero confessed that he had been very scared. When you have loved ones who are sick, there may be moments where they become violent, aggressive.” Lush remembering what she lived with her mother who was sick since she was seven years old.

During a moment of the note, Vero mentioned some of her fears and was asked if she was afraid of not walking again: “At first you are not so sure, they put nails, bones, and you are like a Playmobil that has to move again”, he replied with his usual sense of humor. It should be remembered that Lush she broke both ankles in the fall from the chairlifts and she thought she was going to be prostrate and that history was going to repeat itself with her daughter Antonia13 years old, taking care of her as she did with her mother.

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