The world of entertainment is paying attention to the health of Wanda Nara (36) although, so far, the host has not spoken about it. Similarly, her inner circle remains completely tight-lipped about the medical situation she would be going through. That is why all her fans and colleagues are looking forward to the interview that will come out next week on Telefe.

“Regarding the note that we will issue on Monday in Cortá by Lozano with Wanda on the couch: it is a note that we set when I went to MasterChef. We made this note 10 days ago and it will air with the authorization of Wanda“Wrote Vero Lozano, the well-known Telefe host, from her Twitter account. After this publication, she decided to close the comments on the tweet.

Vero Lozano and Wanda Nara with the MasterChef juries.

Last Friday, Verónica said at the beginning of her program: “I wanted to tell you that this Monday we have a note with Wanda Nara. A beautiful couch with Wanda where we are going to talk about everything.”

Likewise, he continued to report on the current situation of the MasterChef host: “Although we know that she is going through some difficult times in relation to her health, we choose to be discreet until she does not speak about it.”.

When and how can Vero Lozano’s interview with Wanda Nara be seen

The highly anticipated interview will be released next Monday the 17th at 2:30 p.m. on Telefe. From social networks they assure that this chosen day and time was set to compete with the launch of DDM, the new Mariana Fabbiani program that will start in America.

At the moment, no one has information on what topics the two Telefe hosts will play. Many speculate that there will be no information about Nara’s health since she was recorded almost two weeks ago.

Jorge Rial criticized the lightness with which Wanda Nara’s health is treated

Jorge Rial spoke about how the media treated the – still reserved – medical report on the health of Wanda Nara. The driver was treated at the Los Arcos Sanatorium and she is already at her house awaiting the results of the health studies she carried out.

Taking into account her great fame, the news quickly circulated through all the portals, newscasts and television programs. Many of them invited different doctors to provide guesswork on the cosmetic entrepreneur’s diagnosis and what kind of treatment she should undergo. This unleashed the fury of the ex intruderswho spoke publicly.

Jorge Rial’s tweet.

Notably Jorge Rial He was able to empathize with Mauro Icardi’s wife, since he experienced something similar a few months ago. After the news broke that he had suffered a heart attack in Colombia, several health specialists spoke in the media about his alleged condition. Likewise, without having information about his particular case, they speculated about the causes.

From his Twitter account, the journalist commented: “It is a shame to see doctors who do not have access to the patient or to the medical history giving their opinion on Wanda’s health“. Then, poignantly, he added: “I lived it firsthand when there was speculation here about the origin of my cardiac arrest. They do their profession a disservice.”

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