There are just a few days left to enjoy the long-awaited awards gala Martin Iron 2023 which will take place on July 9, and although at first many names were mentioned as possible hosts, Santiago del Moro was finally confirmed as the central figure who will carry on the night.

Although his name was defined, there were conflicting opinions by entertainment figures who were left out as Vero Lozano, Ivan de Pineda, Marley, and it was also mentioned Wanda Nara.

On this, the host of ‘Cut for Lozano’ (Telefe), was consulted and on a mobile with ‘THE M’ (América TV) spoke about the reason why she was not chosen for this task.

“I love Santiago. I like him a lot, he’s going to do very well, he’s very professional…”, he began by saying.

And when asked about the reason for this decision, she responded with the sincerity that characterizes her: You would have to ask the channel authorities… No, no, I was never really invited… You saw how much was said, but no, honestly, they never called me”he insisted.

The chronicler wanted to know if he would have liked to be in the position of conductor of the Martin Fierro 2023, and He maintained: “For one place, it’s flattering to be summoned honestly… And on the other hand, what happens to me is that it is a party that I like to enjoy”, added Vero Lozano on the mobile.

Vero Lozano referred to the controversies of the Martín Fierro

Also, he made reference to the controversies that have occurred in the framework of the award. “There is always speculation, and let’s say, it’s a prize for me, the only one there is, and it’s great, because it has prestige… It has a track record, it continues to be solid, like it or not, it is an award that marks the industry”, assured.

Finally, V.ero lozano He spoke of the credibility of the awards, and opined: “I think so, obviously it is susceptible to what we talked about before … It is more likeable that we are all than that there are many people,” he threw.

And also, he gave his perception of the importance given to the Martín Fierro over the years: “I think they survive because the industry celebrates them… it is also a business for the channel that has it, it generates income And it’s good too It’s a party where we’re all there for a moment and competition is left aside”, closed the driver.

What is known about the awards party

Some days ago, Santiago del Moro spoke on a mobile for and LAM released some news about the big day.

“Many guests will participate in the awards ceremony. In addition, the food will be incredible, the dessert is passion fruit and white chocolate. The food is meat and there is a bit of everything, the only thing they let me reveal is the dessert,” Del Moro began by clarifying.

Then he continued “It’s going to be a beautiful party, 500 guests, plus the usual cast. It’s a party for the whole world, I love television, I’m respectful of all this and this business that those of us who are in front of and behind it do the camera”.

santiago del moro
santiago del moro

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