The renowned actor Víctor Mallarino has sometimes used his Twitter account to defend President Gustavo Petro from different attacks on him on social networks. However, on this occasion, he criticized him for his lateness.

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During his tenure, President Gustavo Petro has been criticized for arriving late or canceling his schedule at the last minute. Although the motives and reasons for his late arrivals are always justified from the Palace, this fact has generated some criticism and discomfort among citizens.

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One of them was Víctor Mallarino who made a comment about it on his Twitter account.

“President, there is a difference between occasional lateness due to accidents on the agenda and that which translates into an indisputable message of disrespect for institutions, society and your own position.
Will there be a quick solution to the origin of this unacceptable attitude?” he commented.

In the month of February, his former chief of staff, Laura Sarabia, argued that the president is late or absent from certain events, it is not because he is not rigorous with protocol issues, but rather because he prefers to sit down and listen to the claims or observations of a community or a businessman without time limits, which sometimes produces delays and changes in his schedule.

“For the president, the protocol issue, saying ‘I only have 2 hours to listen to such a community’, does not exist. He prefers that people feel heard, from the community in Cauca to the businessman who came for only half an hour and ended up speaking for two hours with the president on a myriad of topics. That happens in all issues,” said the official.

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However, the lateness of the president has not ceased to be a topic of conversation on social networks or in the national press, Well, he has been the protagonist of various rudeness with the military, police, magistrates of the high courts, ministers.

Even in the month of January, he left Vice President Francia Marquez waiting for more than five hours. Likewise, in September 2022, the first meeting that she was going to have with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, was postponed due to his lateness.

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