The 24-year-old Argentine actress and singer is best known for her musical career: she has two albums and She was the opening act for Paul McCartney in Argentina at the age of 20. Although she studied singing and continues to train in music and acting, the artist admits that she feels, for her young age, that she was lucky: “I don’t believe in meritocracy, I think there are artists who are lucky“.

In a recent interview with PEOPLEthe figure of Multitalent Agency reveals the secret plot of how he managed to open for the former member of the Beatles.

The secret plot of how Victoria Bernardi came to be the opening act for Paul McCartney

-How was the journey that ended up being the opening act for Paul McCartney?

-It was very funny Paul MCCARTNEY. Let’s start from the fact that I was in a long queue of emails from artists who had applied to be their opening act. What’s more, Paul wanted to pay the fine and he didn’t want to have an opening act. Later he realized that he couldn’t do that.

-Did you know why?

– At that moment I assumed that he didn’t want to because he didn’t know who the hell he was choosing. Because today, with so much advanced technology, people don’t sound the same live.

What did you do to get his attention?

-Well, I told my manager to send him material of me singing live. She was sure it was there. We send you an acoustic session of Bolivian Lament.

-And how did you get the news?

-It’s been a while since we sent you the material. There was a month left for him to play in Argentina, I said that “it wasn’t even a fart”. But one day he was with a study group from the university and I get a message: “You’re staying for PMC.” And I asked what PMC is, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And they tell me: Paul McCartney. he couldn’t believe it.

What do you remember of that experience?

-It was a great experience. I met Paul, I greeted him. He was in his dressing room which was decorated in a very 70s vibe, with those characteristic curtains. As I say, it was a stroke of luck but there is also a job. I understood that it is a long road that requires a team, like Multitalent in my case, and You have to be able to delegate and stop romanticizing this profession, because it is not just making art or good art.

Daniela Spalla, an Argentine artist who, according to the actress, is breaking it in Mexico, was in charge of setting the pace for the production of photos of Victoria for PEOPLE.

Photos: Fabian Uset

Styling: Roxanne Harris

Make up and hair: Belen di Natale

Looks: Las Pepas, Natalia Antolin, Lali Ramirez, MyM Torres

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