the libertarian javier milei He did not surprise with his formula candidate for the October elections. It is about her block colleague in the Chamber of Deputies, victoria villarruela 48-year-old lawyer who jumped into the arenas of politics after becoming known for defending those convicted of crimes against humanity committed during the last civic-military dictatorship.

Frontal, bluntly and with fine manners, Villarruel has been attracting a basically right-wing electorate. She is the founder and president of the civil association Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (CELTYV), the antithesis of the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), which has a long and distinguished history in the field of human rights, especially for its commitment to the victims of the de facto process.

The organization led by the libertarian deputy is basically made up of relatives of soldiers imprisoned for crimes against humanity. One of the objectives of CELTYV is make visible the terrorist acts committed by organizations such as Montoneros and the actions of the People’s Revolutionary Army (ERP), which operated especially in the province of Tucumán in the early 1970s.

Precisely his father, the late lieutenant colonel Eduardo Marcelo Villarruelfought in the so-called Independence Operation, which began in Tucumán in 1975, where “annihilate” the members of the ERP. The Army officer also fired his rifle in the Malvinas War, where he served as second in command of the 602 Commando Company; his boss was aldo rico and the men of that unit are still considered as one elite troop worldwide.

Victoria’s uncle was also an active military man in the years of lead. As a junior officer, Ernesto Guillermo Villarruel participated in the so-called Monte Grande Massacre committed in May 1977, where 16 people detained by repressive forces were tortured and shot. At least for having played that role he was charged in the “Vesuvius” case. The illegal detention center known as “El Vesuvio” operated on Camino de Cintura and the Ricchieri highway, in the district of La Matanza, on a property belonging to the Federal Penitentiary Service, between April 1976 and November 1978.

With Milei, the 70s gene is still in Congress

Now the deputy, who came to Congress with 17.04% of the votes after the 2021 elections on Milei’s list, defends from her bench “civilian victims of subversion” and ensures that “There were not 30,000 missing”. Most public opinion polls agree that the La Libertad Avanza formula is very well positioned for the October elections. Some analysts believe that they can surprise and enter the ballotage, others say that they will finish in third place.

Victoria has a good resume. He directed his professional training to issues related to defense and security. Logical, they say that the fruit does not fall very far from the tree. She graduated as a lawyer from the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires and as an urban security technician from the National Technological University. During 2008 she took a course on inter-institutional coordination and the fight against terrorism at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, an institution dependent on the National Defense University established in Washington DC. She is all a Republican.

His biography also says that in 2010 he presented his first book “They call them… young idealists” and some time later he published “The Other Dead, the Civilian Victims of the Guerrilla Terrorism of the 70s”which includes a list of 1,010 civilian victims of the guerrilla between 1969 and 1979, including members of the armed and security forces.

As a representative of that sector, he walked around giving lectures on “HR and victims of terrorism” in the United States, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. She until one day she was interviewed by the Wall Street Journalwhich triggered a series of interviews for different media.

Like Milei, Victoria is a supporter of the Republican donald trumpfrom Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro and the far-right Spanish party Vox. During the last political crisis in Peru, where the president was deposed Pedro Castillothe Argentine legislator accused the former president of Bolivia, Evo Moralesof trying to destabilize the Peruvian government Dina Boluartecausing a repression that claimed more than 60 deaths.

In Tucumán, the La Libertad Avanza party supports the candidacy of Ricardo Bussison of the deceased repressor of the dictatorship Antonio Bussithe same person who commanded the Independence Operation ordered by the constitutional government of Maria Estela Martinez de Peron for “annihilate” to the “subversion” in Tucuman territory, where Victoria’s father fired his rifle.

The united right. Victoria takes a selfie with Santiago Abascal, president of VOX, the Spanish right-wing party.

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